Random thoughts I had last week

Pink brain

  • Coffee with good friends just makes life better. After I always feel refreshed and that I could actually handle this world. It could be the coffee or sugar that typically goes along with these meetings but I am pretty sure it’s the friendship.
  • Having the flu sucks. It not being the stomach flu is awesome.
  • I don’t always believe it when my pregnancy app says my baby weighs less than a pound. Trust me, I carry the kid around all day, I know he weighs more than that. I’d say more like 5. (Yes, I know there is extra water, blood, tissue, placenta and a whole mess of gross things that add to the heavy feeling but I am telling you the kid who kicks me frequently is more than a pound!).
  • Gun control or regulation does not necessarily mean taking away all the guns. Let’s have a conversation, not hysteria. If it’s law that restaurants tell you how fatty every single meal in their restaurant is, then we can talk about regulating military assault weapons on the streets.
  • Shoes are a waste of money that could be spent on purses and earrings.
  • I may actually tell more than 1 person about this “blog”.

Have a good week!


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