Instead of intelligence, I give you 10 reasons I love mini-cupcakes

Soooo yesterday I had one of those moments writers live for: the burst of inspiration. It’s that magical moment where all the words fit into place. It truly feels like God has taken over my hands and is typing for me. I love it. I used to (and still secretly do) live for this feeling. Where God shows up and its like we are the powerhouse team that nails it.

But then WordPress happened. I love WordPress usually, but after ‘saving draft’ (even though I had the nagging feeling that I should directly publish it) I returned 10 minutes later to find 75% of my post gone. It never saved and just disappeared.

To say I was heartbroken was an understatement. That was the best article I have written in a year…maybe too. My little 1-reader blog was going to win a Pulitzer, that’s how good this intelligent analysis of Christians in the media was. Souls were going to be saved. But nooo, it was gone. I tried to start again but the juice wasn’t there. I couldn’t do it again.

For the last 24-hours I have been wracking my brain over whether to try, try, try again or move on for the moment. Having gotten maybe 5 hours of sleep in those 24- hours is probably the reason I bring you:

Why I love mini-cupcakes, let me count the ways…

1. Honestly, because it’s different and these days I need different.

2. Their small size makes it much easier to try to pass them off as an appetizer. I am a big proponent of eating dessert first, but others around me are not so progressive.  You can easily pass off a cupcake the size of a amuse bouche, than one the size of a slice of cake.

3. They are cute. If something is small (including me at 5’1), it must be cute. That’s like the rule, right? Just take tiny kittens or tiny monkeys, all too cute.

4. They are easier to frost. Frosting cupcakes turns into a whole body dodging the frosting process, and I still end up with it everywhere. Now, I could learn how to properly frost a cupcake without destroying my shirt, towel, counter and getting a frosting facial in the process OR I could frost mini-cupcakes and only do half the damage.

5. It makes you feel better about eating cupcakes. The smaller bites makes the guilt of indulging in delicious funfetti-ness or double chocolate chip cupcakes tones down the usual harsh “I am so fat” to “a yummy treat to soothe my tastebuds.” …And then proceed to eat 10 of them.

6. They are cost effective. Cause they are small…and ugh, smaller is cheaper. Unless you’re shopping for shoes or little black dresses, the smaller is cheaper rule should apply.  Just pretend it makes sense, okay?

7. You can eat them in one bite without any embarrassing frosting up the nose. ‘Nuff said.

8. Mini-cupcakes get baked in a mini-cupcake tin… Which means that in that tin you can also make mini-meatloafs…on a stick…which is weirdly super awesome.

9.  Easier to configure into decorative shapes. Your  baby bottle, bridal dress, or Mario brother made of cupcakes will come out a little less 8-bit looking with smaller pixels..I mean cupcakes.

10. The frosting vs cake ratio is perfect. My biggest problem with cupcakes is that you either get a bit full of frosting or a bite full of cake or a nose full of frosting (see #7). But with the mini-cupcakes you can get the whole cupcake and frosting in one blissful bite.


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