Resource: Family tracking forms

I can be a mess much of the time but with certain things I am neurotically organized. When I was told our two day visit to the hospital was going to be seven or more (ended up being nine), I got a little overwhelmed with the arrangements I had to make and keep track of.

Who would sit with the baby in the hospital while I went to my doctor appointment? What days would my husband work or not work? Who would watch our other child on which days? Wait, is someone bringing us dinner tonight or is that tomorrow? And on, and on…

So I made a fancy little template for each day. That way I knew what details I needed to figure out on what days, and then hung it up with medical tape on the room of our hospital room wall so I could visually refer back to it whenever I need.

Our oncologist saw it and encouraged me to make a generic one to share.  Dun, dun, dun! Here it is. It’s available in pdf or Word so you can customize it however you wish.

Below is an example of what it looks like, and an example of how you could fill it out (in red).

Family sheet filled

If you want to download a pdf or Word version of this go to my Cancer-Related Resources page.


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