Random things…

Pink brain

Most of my blog posts have some sort of central point or theme. But today I feel like just letting you in on some random things I was thinking/reading/watching this week. I officially introduce you to: Random things… a post about whatever.

* Two Friday’s ago my son was getting chemo and a blood transfusion, and I was (weirdly) excited by the idea of being able to pick the donor of whose blood my son gets. I mean wouldn’t that be awesome? A little E here, a little Jill there…It would be like being biologically linked to some of my favorite people!  (Note: I found out that you actually can choose donors but it takes time and money, both of which are in short supply.)

* Hey look! It’s my blog post but on someone else’s blog. Check it out: I don’t ask why at CrossroadsJourney.com.

* Why is it that cooking is looked at as the women’s job in the home but a man’s job when it’s in a restaurant? If we are going to be sexist about it the act of cooking, shouldn’t it be universal?

* I may turn into a 14-year-old girl again on Sunday if this happens.

* Pros and Cons for Having Children.

* I got a job! A friend came to me and asked if I would want to be hired on as her assistant. She is a executive director of a really awesome local nonprofit, and needs some admin support. Starting in September I’ll be starting to help out four hours a week. It may seem like a ridiculously small amount, but right now I think only four hours is all I have to give.

*I read this article before my baby was diagnosed with cancer, and I have been.  It’s called, 23 Spiritualized Comfort Cliches to Avoid When a Child Dies. Now, I am not loosing my child but there is a profound amount of grief that comes with  the potential to loose him and watching him go through medical care. I have heard a lot of these in the last couple of weeks, especially the “I’ll pray for you” that is meant to get you to shut up about the topic, not to actually help you.

* Now that I bummed you out, watch this video. It will make you smile. Me and the three-year-old watch it weekly. If you love Disney, or even like it a little, WATCH IT!


Have a good weekend!


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