10 Ways You Know You Spend Too Much Time In The Hospital

hospital sign

My son is back in the hospital for the third time in two months. We last came home just a week and two days ago. It’s ridiculous how comfortable you get in some place like this.

You know you spend too much time in the hospital when:

  1. When you are home you miss being able to just walk downstairs to the gift shop to buy M&M’s.
  2. You know your nurses names, how many kids they have, and what shifts they work.
  3. The stuff you accidentally left in the pantry fridge is still there…because it was only last week.
  4. You know all the meals they serve the patients…and have favorites.
  5. You know which one is the good pudding.
  6. You miss certain nurses and staff personnel when you are home and want to friend them on Facebook.
  7. It freaks you out when you get the one room when the dry-erase board is in a different place than normal.
  8. You are shocked when you get a nurse who you don’t know.
  9. Your child has a favorite toy in the playroom.
  10. On the first day you’re admitted, you run into a hospital staff member who looks at you and says, “Wait, I thought you left?”

For those of you who have spent an abundance of time in a hospital, what would you add to this list?


2 thoughts on “10 Ways You Know You Spend Too Much Time In The Hospital

  1. A few things from Ryans stay in the NICU

    Your nurse tells you when they are going on vacation, for how long and who their subs will be.

    They teach you to read your child’s chart.

    When they walk in and ask you how he’s doing, you know what answers they actually want.

    When your leaving “stuff happens to fall into your diaper bag”

    The random nurse asks you if your going to nursing school, or tells you about how and why you should go at this point.

    They know what you least favorite meal is and comes in and let’s you know they asked for something different for you already.

  2. Hi Jen, Uncle Doug here. Hilarious post…right with ya on these items! Our most handy sentence is “Will this painful test change the course of treatment?” That one usually puts an end to your child being an unnecessary lab rat. We’re praying for all of you, all the time. If you ever need a sympathetic ear to vent at, we’re here.

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