The Baby Got A Bath.

asher bubbles

This is a photo of Asher after I gave him a bath yesterday.

Now let me just say in a very enthusiastic and slightly high pitched voice: I bathed my kid! I bathed my kid! I bathed my kid!

It’s one of those emotional mom moments. Photos to commemorate, a memory I’ll probably remember forever, tears and the whole lot.

Now you’re probably thinking I am either having a crazy PMS mood swing and need to go sit in the corner and eat a case of Snickers, or that you should call CPS to report my unbathed child.

Before you make any calls to the loony bin or to the cops, here is the deal: When Asher was about a month old, we had to stop giving him baths. Before he could start chemo we had to get a tube inserted into his chest to make drawing blood and giving medicine a lot easier.  Tube = No bath, just a nice warm wash cloth. But in a change of plan, last week we discovered the tube was infected again, so it was taken out until next week.

Giving your child a bath is one of those little things you take for granted unless you can’t do it. Letting him feel the water on his legs, splashing, and his sister covering him in bubbles, are all wonderful moments Asher hasn’t gotten.  After this week, he probably won’t get again for six months or more.

Not being submerged in water until he is one or two is not going to stunt his growth, or is really that big of a deal, but I still relished in the moment.  Yesterday, I set him in his seat in the water, my daughter already in the bath ready to assist, and after a moment of panic, he loved it. She loved it. I loved it.

I am a happy Monday.


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