A random post on WWE. Yes, wrestling.


This is floating around Facebook and let me say: Amen! That is exactly how I feel. My husband and I are not football people. Heck, we are not sports people in general. Since we only have Netflix and not normal TV, the only time I know its going on is when my Facebook feed fills up with random posts that I don’t understand.

My husband and I have started watching  quite a bit of wrestling. Like the wear sparkly pants and taunt for 20-minutes before you enter a match where the winner was already determined back stage type wrestling.

I used to hate it. It was the dumbest thing I had ever seen. It is such fake, showy, and testosterone driven misogyny. Then my husband started watching it…talking about it…and really getting into it. My husband is the sweetest geek with high standards of gentlemanness, so for him to like WWE made me take another look.

I started watching a little. I let him talk to me about the story lines and characters these people are pretending to play. In marriage and even good friendships, you sometimes have to try and show interest in something that you really could care less about. But if it makes the other person happy, that’s what it is really about. This was wrestling for me.

Then I noticed, I didn’t hate it. A little while after that, I was okay watching it. Then, *gasp*, I kind of wanted to watch it. WHAAAAT?

Plus I have to say, John Cena is pretty hot. And he is one of the only guys who doesn’t wear speedos in front of millions of people, which means he is also smart. He just needs to stop the little hand wavy thing. He looks like an idiot.


So even though my feminist card has been effectively revoked by the fact that I want a fear the beard t-shirt, I still can’t handle one aspect of it: the bullying.

Many of the story lines they play up are bad guys vs. good guys at the heart of it.  But some of them go a lot farther to really glorify bullying.

For example, there is this story about how good guy B says something negative about the owner of WWE (totally staged by the way) and owner not only has three guys go and beat the guy up on the stage…er, I mean ring, but also threatens good guy C (who is twice the size of good guy B) with his job to go and beat up good guy B. The guy goes through this whole moral debate (and looks like he is going to cry the whole time) and CAVES. That’s when I stop watching and go take my bubble bath for the night.

Threatening people with their job is never funny or entertainment to me. Rivalry I can get into, bullying, I cannot. Even if it’s completely fake.

But in general, the show is strangely addicting. I still can’t get over that I even kind of like it a little bit…a little bit.

So, bottom line is they just need to shut up and wrestle. There is some seriously good wrestling that happens in between the drama, and I get a huge kick out of the weird and sometimes ridiculous costumes people wear (See Fandango’s pants below).


So yeah, there is that…


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