Sunday Reading: 4 Articles On The Good & Bad of The World

sunday read2

The 24 Greatest Things That Could Ever Happen To You
The title speaks for itself.

Miley Cyrus and Pop Music’s Double Standard

“In our society (particularly in celebrity culture), women are repeatedly encouraged to be sexy, to draw attention. When it comes to MTV and the VMA’s, the envelope has to be pushed further each year in order to achieve the same overwhelming response of shock, awe, disgust or whatever else—it doesn’t seem to matter if the feedback is positive or negative, as long as there’s a lot of it. America is predictably easy to stun. And so, women are pushed into a corner where they need to be skinnier and sexier—wearing outrageous outfits (or none at all), dancing provocatively, doing whatever it takes so people will stop and look.”

What I want you to know about my abortion secret

“I know that my story could help someone. I am working on allowing it to be known because I feel that God wants to use this as my witness, as my story, and I know he can turn this evil, selfish, and hated thing, into something good somehow for someone.”

College Students Cheer Sex Abuse

“It’s the unthinking acceptance, the reinforcement of the notion that women exist to be used sexually. It’s about signing off on male aggression and female passivity. It’s about making that the norm, so much the norm that you wind up with girls cheering along for it.”


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