Ah, Tuesday


Brian got “home” (currently the hospital room) from work with a yummy Dos Coyotes cheesy enchilada for dinner. I proceeded to perform my favorite task while sleep deprived, bug Brian until he laughs. I’ll crack jokes, poke him, throw things at him, and just annoy him until he cracks. It’s like the best game ever when I am tired.

So I made him crack…with soda in his mouth (thankfully I did not end up with it all over my face). It was hilarious! So the laughing began. I had that full body laughing where you are doubled over and can’t stop even if you tried. Then the sobbing started (I said WTF too).  Then the side splitting laughing continued.

Uh, yeah. So that happened…

Brian chimed in helpfully: “Remember that blog post where you said the hospital made you crazy?”


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