Friday Morning Musings: The shy child, I’m a geek, and Jim Hunt

Firday morning musings

It’s Friday! I made it through the week.


Finger’s crossed we had our last stay in the hospital. But I am not getting my hopes up too much.

Addison, my 3-year-old, is starting to show drama-fatigue, as I call it. I have been waiting for her to have some sort of fall out from the massive change and stress that has been flying around the house. So far she has handled it like a champ. Better than the adults. But not only having a new baby in the home, but on top of it, her being gone for almost weeks at a time with grandparents consistently for the last couple of months, there has to be some sort of repercussions.

So I have been waiting…praying…and hoping it’s something I can help her through.

She has always been a shy little one. For a long time she would shut down anytime anyone outside of parents or grandparents would talk to her, or if there was more than three people in the room. It took years of seeing people twice a week at church for her to warm up to a handful of adults. She was coming out her shell this year. She was talking to people and running around with her friends. And then her world changed.

And now, the shoe dropped. The consequences hit.  And Addison seems to be back to being her quiet, timid version of herself. Even her favorite people at church are having a hard time coaxing a smile, let alone words, out of her.

It makes me sad. I have spent years watching her work so hard and came so far in building up the courage to be social. She is so strong in her efforts.

Now, I don’t care if she is super social (as long as she is polite) but I don’t want her to be uncomfortable or scared around other people. Her true personality, the one that comes out in an overwhelming force when she is comfortable, is so beautiful and just cool, I have wished she would share it with the rest of the world. I am always trying to find that balance of pushing her forward, but respecting her needs. Like everything else in parenting, it’s all a balancing act.

If this is the worst of her “acting out” or changing because of our current life situation, then we are lucky. I have no doubt that she’ll conquer her shyness again, like she did before.

aDDIEAddison playing the guitar and piano at the same time. She is just that much of a rock star.

Facebook pointed out one thing to me this week: I really am such a geek. Oh my goodness yes. I always knew I embraced the more comic-book-y culture but there was two meme’s going around Facebook that honestly MADE MY LIFE. I was laughing for full minutes about each, which made me stop and think: “Wow, I really am such a geek, and I looooooove it.”

Here you can enjoy them with me:

DataDATA! Get it??

aquaThis one is especially funny because I have been playing Aquaman a lot in the video game Injustice.  He is such a barely-superhero, that gets a bad rap, even in our church service the last week,  so I love this whole Cthulhu crossover.

As you may have noticed I use tons of Jim Hunt cartoons in my blog posts. I just love his stuff! Please check out his Facebook page or website and throw him some love.


Have a great weekend everyone!


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