Sunday Reading: 4 Books I am reading

sunday read2

Instead of sharing articles, this time around I decided to highlight some books and blogs I am reading these days. As you can tell below, I am not a book reviewer AT ALL, but thought it would be fun to share what has been on my night stand and Kindle Fire.


Blog at Home Mom by Christin Slade

Blog at home

Even if you don’t blog, I recommend this book for any stay-at-home mom trying to find or do her passion.  It is very universal in the messages that you could just substitute whatever it is for the word “blog”…i.e. photography, reading, writing a cook book, going to school, working from home, etc.  There is a variety of writers and perspectives, all that make a good tid bits that you can apply to your life. The main themes of the book are finding balance, making your life easier by organizing it, and being the person God made you to be.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is this:

“Living a life of balance–of passion and purpose– can seem like a dream out of reach. Many of us believe when we become mothers, we are supposed to sacrifice our own passions for the sake of our children. While in some cases, this may be true and necessary, I’ve learned that living in your passion while mothering is the best of both worlds. I’ve also learned God gives us passions for a reason.

Pursuing our passions doesn’t mean you sacrifice less as a wife or mother, it simply means you focus more on all the different facets. Raising our children with the belief they can ‘dream big and nothing is out of reach for them if God purposes it,’ but not living out that truth ourselves is nothing less than hypocritical.”

I’ll definitely be writing on more from this book in the future.

J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets by Curt Gentry


This is an excellent book discussing the famous FBI director’s life and career. It is very well written and his research seems pretty thorough. As a wannabe writer I appreciate the order in which he introduces information of his life. He puts the pieces together and builds off of it, in a way that help mixes the story and fact.

The fact is, I am a FBI junkie. I seriously considered applying at one point but didn’t want to leave the state/my little brothers who were still living at home. There is something about that particular institution of crime fighting that I love. The FBI is not perfect (which just makes it more fascinating), but I would totally wear a I ❤ FBI shirt if I had one.

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace In His Presence by Sarah Young

Jesus calling

This is my current devotional. It has short encouraging devotions with a couple of scriptures per devotional. I am not typically a devotional fan, because they are usually more cheese than anything else, but I find this one genuine. There are days where I read a couple devotions through out the day, whenever I need a moment of peace. It’s pretty good. I recommend it.

I already quoted this book in my irrationally freaking out post called Surviving Another “Crisis”.

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

White queen

I bought this book before I knew there was a TV show. I have been a fan of Philippa’s for quite some time, back during her Tudors phase. I find her books a very easy read but full of plot. Sometimes they can have elements of fantasy in them (magic, fortune telling, etc), instead of being hard and fast historical fiction. I found this particular book to be really good but ended abruptly. It being part of of a series, made a little more sense, but was still rather annoying after getting invested. That being said, I still recommend the book.


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