It’s small things, get it done!


This morning, I woke up at 4am because of a hungry baby. I stayed awake because I had some things nagging at my mind. But probably not what you would expect.

The first was a blog a very good friend keeps saying she is going to start, but hasn’t yet. There keeps being little road blocks in her way from unleashing her awesome heart onto the online world. It’s a small idea, seemingly not important, but people, I am telling you, you are missing out until she does.

The other was devotionals. I have only written a couple in my life, and I really want to get practice writing more. It’s been on my mind lately. I had an itch in my brain for a couple of days to talk to a specific friend about it. Don’t know why or what that is about, but when its still bugging me at 4am it may important. It may not. But it takes 5 seconds to hop on Facebook and message her.

So I ask you, what is it that has been itching your brain today? What project do you want to start but something keeps stopping you?

Much of our life is built around the big things. Go, do, strive for the dream job, dream house, dream marriage, or whatever. Start a Kickstarter project for your movie, or publish your book on Amazon. All pretty BIG things, that are BIG deals.

But what about the little stuff? It may seem little, like starting a blog, taking the first step to volunteer at church or your favorite nonprofit, make that scrapbook of your honeymoon, or even cleaning out a certain closet that all the junk of your home has been living in.

We all have our things. The little things that reside in the back of our minds, that keep coming out, but we push away for one reason or another. Either there are more important things we have to do right this minute, it involves effort that you are too tired to make, or could just seems dumb, so your afraid to do it.

All legit reasons, but I encourage you to move past them. Do your little project today, or sit down and block of time this week to do it. Why not? You’ll feel better for it, and you never how something small could make a big difference to yourself or to someone else.

Get it done!


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