My parents don’t read my blog

cropped-bac-bunting-whatever1.gifSuper cool new header.

It’s true. Strangers on the internet follow But not my parents. This is a weird phenomenon for me, because I have uber supportive to the point of almost smothering parents. The kind who are still talking about the fact that I wrote a poem when I was six.

But for some reason I can’t for the life of me to get them to read this blog. Now, this is what happens when you give them the most adorable grandkids around.

ASHER (27)Photo of said most adorable grandkids

Then they suddenly won’t read your blog. They will come to boring health fair because you are working a table for your job at a nonprofit, but bam! have cute kids and suddenly its all “How are the kids? Can I see the kids this week? Do you need baby sitter? How can we help you with the kids?”

Geez the nerve.

By now, I hope you know this post has been primarily sarcasm. Yes, they haven’t read my blog, which is kind of weird to me, but I really have three of the most supportive parents there ever were in the history of the world, so them not reading my blog (when I barely can convince them to be on Facebook more than once every six months) is not the end of the world.

But still, I’d like to say: My parents won’t read my blog, even though I have a super cool new header.

But whatever.

I’m not pathetic.



Maybe it’s because I say “LOL”.

Or won’t stop typing.

I need sleep.


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