50th Post at Bad at Cleaning!

animal balloon

This is my 50th blog post!

What does that have to a balloon giraffe? Absolutely nothing except in the world according to Jen (that’s me), both are awesome.

This milestone excites me. To be honest I am not exactly sure why. It’s a nice round number that usually means some sort of importance has happened. 50 years being married, 50 years of age (now considered middle age), 50 bucks in your pocket,  50 cupcakes, etc… All really great things. But 50 blog posts?

Considering that I had 12 posts before July,  what this milestone probably actually means is I have had no life this summer and spent way too many hours at my laptop.  BUT I don’t give a flying monkey’s tail about the patheticness of it (okay, maybe I do a smidge) because I have had a tons of fun with it.

So look at me go: 50 blog posts!

I have made two very important decisions based on this Bad at Cleaning milestone:

First is I finally have a hobby! This is a decision, you ask? Over think things much, you ask? Yes to both, but there is some actual significance in this realization.  I’ve been a workaholic since high school so I kind of missed the part where people hang out with other people or have activities they partake that is not connected to their job.

Except for TV. I’ve always watched a ridiculous amount of TV (S.H.I.E.L.D premieres next week!).

When I started this blog I talked a lot about identity and trying to find myself in my new life role. Part of that has been finding hobbies and activities I appreciate that don’t involve building a career.

I dawned on me a couple days ago that my blog is my hobby. It’s what I do for fun. I don’t do it for anyone else or for money, just me.

And I hope, with fingers crossed, people have been enjoying the ride with me.

Second, I am celebrating!

…uh, by saying an enthusiastic “yay!”

But also, on Saturday, as a gift to my bad blogging self, I will be switching to TheBadAtCleaningBlog.com. So, If you subscribe to this blog on some sort of RSS feed please add the new address!

So there you go.

My 50th post.

Here is to another 50 posts of venting and fun!

And another balloon animal…



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