Sunday Reading: Articles about Parenting, Church, and Whole Foods

sunday read2

Surviving Whole Foods

The first two sentences is, “Whole Foods is like Vegas. You go there to feel good but you leave broke, disoriented, and with the new found knowledge that you have a vaginal disease.” Need I say more?

“I’m no math major, but that calculus makes no sense. A kid going berserk at a grocery store doesn’t indicate the quality of his parents, anymore than a guy getting pneumonia after he spends six hours naked in the snow indicates the quality of his doctor. Grocery stores are designed to send children into crying fits.”
“I heard that church is a safe place. You can call me crazy all you want but I know that was from God because I would never, ever think that on my own. I can use a thousand positive words to describe church and the pros of attending one – but I would never choose “safe.” I haven’t viewed church as safe for years. “
My children are not adopted nor am I a teacher but I found it a very smart post. I would have never considered family tree projects (and thinking back there is a lot of then) could be such a dilemma. Just because I don’t think about it. But its good to know. For some reason being PC these days is a bad thing, because this is ‘Merica and we should be pushy about our perspectives or something, but I still found it very informative.

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