What is this blog about?

I wrote a little more coherent About Me page to give new readers an quick into to me and what they are getting with this blog. I thought I’d post it here for anyone new to TheBadatCleaningBlog.com.

Silly me

What is this blog about?

This blog is about me, Jen, and where I am in my life this week. It’s my candid thoughts and sarcastic humor, talking about my faith, kids, marriage, and life.

Some things you should know about me:

– I have a three-year-old named Addison. She is nothing short of wonderful. She loves barman, princesses, and Thomas the Train. She loves to be upside down and go on rollar coasters. She can be very quiet in front of people, but at home is a very outgoing (and many times loud) little girl.

– I have a baby, named Asher. He is the most smiley baby you will ever meet. He also has been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a children’s cancer and is going through chemo. He is a true little superhero smiling through circumstances that would bring the toughest person to their knees.

– My husband is amazing. He was pretty much made for me. He works full time and is an assistant pastor at our church. Which means we are a ministry family. We have built our marriage and life around the church, and nothing has been more challenging and rewarding.

– I used to be a workaholic. Now I am a stay-at-home mom. This used to be more of an issue for me than it currently is, but its still a weird life altering change for me. With the change I had a bit of an identity crisis which made me start this blog in the first place back in January 2013.

-I want to share my thoughts and what I am personally going through, but I am not going to pretend I have all the answers. You will probably never see a post saying “this is the way you need to do…” but more “this is what works for me, it could work for you.”

– I am on a big be honest with the world thing these days. So much of my life has been pretending that I am not dealing with the issues I am, or trying to be some ideal version in my head. I am sick of it. It’s dumb. And unless more people step up and say “This is the real me”, everyone is going to think the real them is alone in the world.

Common themes of this blog:

You’ll see patterns to my posts because well, I generally have a lot of the same stuff on my mind. Here are what they have been lately.

– My faith. One of my main goals with this blog is for the first time ever to start writing about my beliefs, what encourages or confuses me, and my general journey as a Christian.

– Learning to care for and have a child with cancer. This has taken over our life recently. It’s impossible for me to ignore this topic. It has managed to seep into almost every post. It’s hard to truly understand until you have been there, so maybe someone else going through it will read it and feel like someone gets them.

– I hate cleaning with every fiber of my being. There is a reason the blog is called “Bad at Cleaning”. Lot’s of rants. Lots of self pity. Lots of general complaining.

– Parenting isn’t easy but it can be so much fun. I definitely don’t want this to be a how-to site for parenting, but more of a misery loves company.

–  Books/Blogs/Reading. I love to read. I’m primarily a non-fiction type of gal, reading 2 or 3 books at a time. And everyday following blogs on my super cool Feedly app.  Every Sunday I share the books or a couple articles I am reading. I encourage you to share with me stuff you are reading as well.

Welcome to The Bad at Cleaning Blog!


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