Four eyes!

I love me a good hospital gift shop. I can’t resist. There is such great shopping mixed with emotional nerves, and you got me spending gobs of money. This time around I found something pretty worth while though: Glasses!

Now, technically I am supposed to wear bifocals 24/7, but the darn things keep running away from me. I have this fun thing where my eye, like the rest of me, is too short. By like barely a millimeter, but it’s enough that the muscles that focus my eye get tired and can’t focus whenever I am tired, or have a headache. Now I am nothing but tired, buuuuut I still I don’t know the last time I even knew where my glasses were. So I have been left with squinting blurr.

So I was browsing around, and found these.


They are just for reading, but as I put them on, it was like my eyes and brain took a whole sigh of relief.


I love them. I love the way they make my head not hurt. So now that I found something awesome, want to take bets on how long until I lose them?


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