Sunday Reading: Articles about mommyhood, cancer, and the emotional responsibility of a blogger.

sunday read2

You Can’t Eat Yogurt With A Knife

“The reason my brain picks a knife instead of a spoon, puts my shirt on inside out, and doesn’t care to check my appearance constantly is because there is something else on my mind 95% of the time….Mabel.”



This is a great article from one of the most popular bloggers on the web addressing the question: What does a blogger owe their readers? Especially when going through hard times in their life. Even if you don’t know this blogger, I strongly recommend you read this article.

“I can’t but I wish I could come to your house and pour you a glass of wine and let you tell me everything that is wrong because you so desperately need someone to listen. Instead I try to articulate the things that are going haywire over here in case reading what I’m going through gives you any sort of release. That’s my job. That’s what I can offer you…

I trust that things will look up, and I just need to give it some time. I’ve been through periods like this before when it seems everything goes wrong at exactly the same time, and if I can just get up and make it through my day things will turn around eventually. They always do. Words will come more easily. And for those of you who have continued to offer me patience, I cannot thank you enough for that generosity. Thank you for sticking around. You certainly don’t owe me that.”


On Parenting and Imperfection: My Worst Parenting Fear by Shannon Lell

“I know what some of you may already be thinking. It’s the same thing I’ve said to myself to assuage this dread.

 All I need to give my children is love. All I can do, is the best I can.

I want to believe that is true. Because those are things I’m already doing. I love them with everything I have and I’m doing the very best I can. But deep down I know, even that is sometimes not enough.”


Someone I Know Has Cancer. What Now?

“We don’t mind talking about our situation. Really, we don’t. We just don’t want your emotions to affect ours so please, use your words carefully. Pity is not compassion, so when it is provoked, it usually just breeds hopelessness and self-pity: two emotions those fighting disease need to stay far away from.”


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