I love therapy…and some stuff about depression

Today I woke up with what felt like a punch to my gut. For some reason the whole “my son has cancer” thing seemed like new news. I also have a cold so being tired and not feeling well don’t help. But you know what? Tomorrow may be better. It may not. But it really could be. So I push forward, talk to friends or my husband, pray, double check when my next therapy appointment is, and then maybe eat some chocolate. None of that takes it away. But it helps me move forward, because tomorrow could be better. Continue reading

My church home: It’s all about family

I have not been perfect. I have been bitter, rude, anti-social, and flat out hated having to go to church. But, oh my goodness, it is worth every second. Not just because I still can meet God in that building, and still learn from the messages, but half of what makes church a church is the people. It’s being with them, learning from them, teaching them, holding each other up, and laughing until you cry together. It’s your church family that can turn just a church with a great message, to a home. Continue reading