San Fran family vacation FTW (for the win)!


Wednesday through Friday we were in San Francisco! The city of fog, steep hills, insane parking, and gorgeously diverse architecture…also, Asher’s Optomologist Oncologist (aka super specialist). This is our third time bringing Asher hear for a EUA (exam under anesthesia), but the first time we brought Addison along to make a complete family trip of it.

We’ve never had a family vacation just the four of us, or even back when it was three. And it was exactly what I needed! …And possibly for everyone. Four of us being stuffed in a hotel room could have gone either way- either absolutely horrible meltdown (that would end up with me in tears under the desk in the fetal position, Brian hiding in the closet while muttering pleas for help in a Russian accent, while Addison jumps on the bed screaming “I’M BATMAN!!!!” over and over and Asher learns to crawl just to get out of there), OR a wonderful family bonding weekend with giggles, inside jokes, and long walks on Fisherman’s Warf to hunt down food.

Thankfully the wondefulness ensued.

It started out a little rough. I couldn’t get into this trip. I was rocking the disinterest right up until the absolute last minute I have to pack. Every time I’d think about it I froze. I just couldn’t plan, pack, or even think about the trip. It wasn’t out of fear, it wasn’t out of anxiety, as close as I could guess it was like denial.

It wasn’t San Francisco, it wasn’t the impending doctors appointment (that honestly I kept forgetting about), it was the packing. I just got settled from a month of hospital stays, and just want to stay in my hoooooommmmme. But I sucked it up and did it. Of course forgot a variety of things including Addie’s toothbrush, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a quick trip to Walgreens.

The only other hiccup was dinner that night. We found a pizza joint right next to the hotel, that was practically empty. It was a nice looking little place, with fish tank and a random bird roaming around. But then almost as soon as we sat down, anxiety started to set in. Brian and Addie were playing, Asher was asleep and content, yet I am feeling like I am about to start hyperventilating. I couldn’t concentrate on our order. I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

So I tried to concentrate on Addie being beyond adorable looking at the fish tank and having fun with the random roaming bird, I was still slowly shutting down so with my sweetie’s urging, I got the heck out of there. The kids and I went back to the hotel, while Brian stayed and got our food then joined us. When I went to open the hotel room door, I noticed I was shaking.

By the way, my hubby is the best. When I am flipping out for absolutely no reason, he is cool as a cucumber just jumping in and ready to take care of me.

Once we got back to the room, it took a couple if hours but I got back to normal. I still don’t know what that was all about. These random anxiety attacks seem to becoming a thing.

The rest of the trip was a breeze. No anxiety attacks, no tantrums by the little girl, no fevers or throwing up by the baby boy. We all had so much fun just being together.

Asher’s specialist appointment went amazingly well, with the good news that the tumor is shrinking.

Here are some photos from the trip:


Once I did pack, it took a whopping 10-minutes and was the equivalent for us moving out for a week. (Notice: The hiding child who refused to pose for the picture.)

PhotoGrid_1380301355474As soon as we got to the hotel, Addison insisted she had to get to “work”.

PhotoGrid_1380223499337Dinner at the Fishermans Pizza place…well, almost dinner. Ended up being take out.

PhotoGrid_1380471288079“Where’s Nemo?”

A fish tank without Nemo just shouldn’t be allowed.

PhotoGrid_1380244395832Random photos from the trip, including Addie testing out the pack n play to make sure it was acceptable for baby brother.

PhotoGrid_1380244662954More pack n play fun and Asher just being his adorable self on the bed.

PhotoGrid_1380301742360During Asher’s doctors appointment, Brian took Addie to the palace of fine arts. Even with a duck threatening their lunch, I was informed that it was “really really fun” by Addison.

PhotoGrid_1380333149585We saw USF’s new campaign all over town. It’s awesome. I appreciate a good PR campaign.

PhotoGrid_1380333091370On our last day we went to the ferry terminal. Addison discovered how the ocean can be green and “yucky” but the beauty of San Francisco never ceases to put me in awe.

Addie and Brian has a special “secret mission”. Which apparently was to find a present for me at the Marketplace. We ended up at Sur La Table and oh my goodness I was in heaven! As I walked through I was practically skipping. So much pretty! I ended up finding a great deal on a oven to table stoneware two section dish. I can’t wait to use it.

PhotoGrid_1380333299065As we were leaving, Addison discovered the joy of riding the luggage cart. It’s somewhere between bumper cars and NASCAR…that just goes really slow.


One thought on “San Fran family vacation FTW (for the win)!

  1. YOU DO have a wonderful husband, and you’re not too bad yourself, but those kids are precious. Thank you so much for sharing this, Jen!

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