Proud Mommy Moment: The excitement out our front window


As parents we like to complain about our kids. My favorite complaint is how my kids never let me sleep. But even though I am a sleep deprived zombie, I have GREAT kids. One of the things I am trying very hard to do is appreciate them more verbally and publicly, because I definitely feel it. I just need to make sure I am expressing it.

So I am going to share some of my favorite kid stories from the last week or so with you today and tomorrow. Lately there has been a lot of focus on how my son is a super hero in diapers (true story), but I want to express how awesome my daughter is too. She may not be going through a tough medical situation but she really is turning into a caring, helpful, and courageous little girl. I’m so deeply proud of her.

Most of these are seemingly little stories but they bring a smile to my face, so I hope they do so for you too.

The first will start off with something that happened yesterday…

We start off our day typically sitting in the living room getting our cartoons on while her (and definitely me too) start our slower-than-most wake up process. This is the part where we have breakfast, she watches cartoons and either I chug coffee while doing a load of dishes or I chug coffee while laying on the couch while sending my husband “I am soooo tired, someone please save me!!!!” texts.

This time our little routine was made awesome because it was garbage day. Which means a big green garbage truck passes by our front window four times. It’s all very exciting.


So the little one was watching the excitement  when she noticed that the garbage truck knocked over our neighbor’s garbage can.

This was very concerning. Because the empty garbage can had “fallen over”…and was just sitting there…fallen over. Very distressing.

So, the awesome girl that she is she decided she wanted to go pick it up for our neighbor. She diligently and with focus that is only seen when grandparents come over, she got dressed quickly, and we went out to fix this travesty that happened to our neighbor.

You will be happy to know, the garbage can was picked up, and put where it should be. We saved the day. Whew.

I make fun of the dramatics of it all but it was really special to watch her identify the problem, figure out a solution, and really be so eager to go, do, and help.

I LOVE IT. And I love her.

Addie Addison making silly faces to cheer me up.


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