Do you donate blood? My baby thanks you!


Yesterday our baby boy had his 4th blood transfusion. His red blood cells were low, and they want to make sure his anemia is in check before the next round of chemo next week. It ended up being a six hour day in the infusion clinic (yes, I did fall asleep), but turned out not too bad, there even was some giggles.

Not to sound too corny, but I really do have a new found appreciation for organizations like the Blood Source and those wonderful donors who donate their blood. I always appreciated it but it was one of those “meh” type things. It was good to do if convenient, kind of like recycling. Both I’d do if the opportunity was standing in front of me, but not really going to spend the energy to seek it out. Now I regularly see kids of all ages, including my 5-month-old baby getting transfusions, and man, it’s so much more important than I thought.

I appreciate more than words can say that we can get a not-so-great blood test back one day and the next day there is blood ready to make my baby better. It’s A-MAZING. I can’t imagine having to worry about scrounging around looking for donations, wait weeks for it to be processed, and then hope it is compatible with my son’s blood.

So, bottom line:

1) Blood banks are awesome, and not just for vampires.

2) Donate if you can.

And, 3) from a mom of a child who will probably have many more transfusions, THANK YOU to those who donate. Please, please, please keep donating.

It really does make a difference in a little life.


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