Mommy Win: Didn’t you know medicine is cool?


My daughter is in this phase where anything her new little brother has is suddenly like the best thing ever. The crib, bassinets, baby gyms, pacifiers…even blankets suddenly have a new flair as they belong to someone else.

The other week I informed her that she was sick. Now, a normal person is thinking wait, you informed her of it? Did she not figure that out on her own? Well, Addison is actually a very healthy child who hasn’t gotten sick recently except for maybe a stuffy nose. So she has the advantage of knowing that being sick exists but has very little experience with the actual feeling of it.

As I did she got very excited because to her it meant going to the cool doctors office aka pediatric specialties where Asher goes (which she wasn’t going to), getting checked out by “sisters” (aka nurses), and getting super cool medicine like baby brother.

So I got smart (or slightly manipulative) later when she flat out refused to lay down for her usual rest time and used this to my advantage.

The best part is this has worked more than once.

Addison: Waaaaaaa!!! No rest time mama! I’M NOT TIRED!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Me: Did you know that rest is like medicine for your body? It makes your body feel better.

Addison: — *Stops dead* It’s medicine?

Me: Yes, rest is like medicine.

Addison: *immediately runs to the couch and lays down*



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