Wednesday thoughts.

Friday wednesday

I usually wait for Friday for my super scattered Friday Musings post. Buuuut I have so much in my brain, you’re getting it today.

First, quick update chemo has gone fairly well. Some light complications, a little nausea, but all is well. And yes, I finally got sleep.

dance gif

Second, I am happy to announce that I was slightly part of the creation of the Twitter account @Curiousarah. It’s going to be the next big thing. My friend Sarah has an awesome curiosity for random life questions, Google tells her the answers, and she will be sharing them with you there. Go, click, follow, be happy.


Third, I am obsessed over the book No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage. Like OBSESSED. I’ve never liked a book of this “self-help” type before. Let alone want to read it over again.

So expect a blog series coming soon…

No more perfect Jen

And lots of posts on Facebook.

Fourth, I’ve gotten two of the best compliments I could have gotten on my blog the last couple of days. Thank you for all the love! This is not me saying how great I am (okay, maybe it is a little), but it honestly makes me feel like what I am doing here isn’t falling of deaf ears. The greatest compliment for a Christian is that someone can see God’s goodness in you or through your life. All I have wanted was to be honest, have some fun, and share my life. I’m in tears hearing these words that people have graciously shared with me in the last 24-hours. You all are very cool to humor me by reading my blog let alone it liking it. I am blessed.

On A really long post about nothing…but it has pictures:

“Favorite post so far…and not just because there are pictures. ❤

…Because you said it was about nothing, but it was really about everything! You talked about your trials ahead but there were small victories in the process. Normal clothes, prep done, a sense of preparedness for the days ahead. To me, it was the Jen I know…hard stuff to do, but she’s doing it with a grace and light you probably don’t even recognize. This is how I see God’s work in your life.

Oh and the panda was hilarious.”

On Lies we tell: God only gives us what we can handle:

“Thanks for sharing! I totally agree and can’t stand those little christian catch phrases folks use, they usually do more harm than good. I have to admit I really thought this one was true because I thought I knew the scripture it was from. When I looked it up (1 Cor 10:13) I realized that’s not at all what it’s saying. Im the verse is about temptation, not God “giving us” a manageable amount of crap to deal with. Loved how you put that, it’s my pet peeve when folks say things like that.

I love however how evident God is during the roughest of times. How true it is that when we are weak, he is so strong. Loved this entry Jen.
You have a beautiful family and I’m so sorry your little boy and your family is going through this. Your strength, vulnerability and transparency through this really allows me to see Jesus in and through you.”


Tonight I am going to Bible study. And it’s going to be a par-tay. It’s a potluck and everything. You think I am sarcastic but I am actually not (for possibly the first time all day). I am serious! Bible study is cool and you know it! Us Wesleyan’s know how to throw a shin dig…or at the very least, I got the bestest of the best women to hang out with at my church. Seriously, it’s still shocking to me how much I look forward to Wednesday nights. A little bible, a lot of friends, and time on a comfy couch.

What more could you need to help you survive the rest of the week?


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