Friday Morning Musing: My JARVIS


I wanted my own JARVIS. A wise cracking helper who lives in the walls of my house. It’s Just Another Really Very Intelligent System, that Robert Downy Jr. uses in the (super fantastically awesome) Iron Man movies.

From bed, I could be like, “JARVIS, start the Keurig.”

From the bathroom, I could be like, “JARVIS, distract the kids!” when small hands are knocking on my door.

While feeding the baby, I could be like, “JARVIS change the laundry!” (because if I have JARVIS I’d have the metal arm helper guys too…)

“JARVIS play Walk of Shame by Pink!”

“JARVIS STOP playing Kung Fu Panda!”

“JARVIS pay my bills.”

“JARVIS what should I make from dinner?”


And JARVIS would be like, “Miss Jen we are almost out of coffee, so I ordered more from Amazon, it will be here tomorrow.”

“Miss Jen, your daughter is climbing on the dresser.”

“Miss Jen, don’t forget to drink your water.”

“Miss Jen, I delivered your son’s lab results to his doctor.”

“Miss Jen, your shirt is on inside out…again.”

It would be awesome.

I grew up watching Star Trek the Next Generation. My parents were divorced, and almost complete opposites, but the Next Gen was always on in each house. Next Gen is the stuff. Plus, they had ipads and touch screens LONG before Apple took over the planet. So who is to say, ten short years from now I can’t have my very own JARVIS??

Ahhh, JARVIS I love you already.


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