Photo dump: Flash from the past (part 1)

I was going through the “old” photos on my phone. Most all happened in the last 9 months. I decided to share with all of you oh-my-goodness-so many photos!  some of my favorites.

FB_IMG_13508376090212888True pastor’s kid: Eating breakfast in a pew waiting for church to start…in a hour and a half.

FB_IMG_13620952939393713Our super cool orange tree in our backyard. Not sure why I took this photo.

IMAG4338My daughter dressed herself, and boy is she proud. She is ready to hit the town…or the grocery store. However you want to look at it.

IMAG4754So. Much. Pregnant.

IMAG4789Don’t mess with us. We are dangerous with a hose.

IMAG4946Bat girl. Can fight crime and do a pirouette.

IMAG5614My husband’s scarf…not sure what happened with the shoes.

IMAG5667Last date before new baby! I ate lots of steak and cuddled with the hubby = my big smile.

IMAG5865New baby! He came out super rad.

IMAG5891My adorable baby boy.

IMAG5984I love this girl.

IMAG5928He is not sure about this whole being outside the womb thing.


I am not sure what she told him about me, but I am sure it’s a lie.

IMAG6149He’s like her very own a science experiment.

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