Photo dump: Flash from the past (part 2)

More random photos!

(I know, I know, you were sooooo excited, right?)


Baby boy’s first smiles.


Anyone else think that he just figured out a way to take over the world?


The husband day job company picnic. The little girl is getting into her cowgirl character:

Jessie “One Sock” Westina.


Already a balding old man.


Such a cutie-wootie-little-ball-of-furry-ducky love.


Nap time started out on the couch…and then there was a slight gravity issue.


The husband showing baby boy Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco on our first trip to see Optomologist Oncologist specialist.


Me rocking our church’s fireworks stand. Sitting with explosive’s in a wood box, it makes for an interesting time.


One of these kids is pretending to sleep. $10 Bucks you can guess which one.


The husband and I selfie. I love life with him.


The husband getting ready to marry some peoples!


Me waiting for said wedding to start all alone in the ceremony area.


Baby boy before his first surgery. Not the first time he got to wear a super cool Hawaiian (or sumo depending on who you ask) shirt, but he rocks it every time.


Little girl visiting during our first hospital visit. Father/daughter cuddles!


The little girl picked out the best outfit ever to go under sedation for a minor medical procedure. And to think I wear my black pajama pants when I go to the hospital. I’m doing it all wrong.


Baby brother’s crib is the bestest thing evar. EVAR.


This is a complicated story involving washing a tree (aka practically taking a shower outside), finding gigantic leaves on a different tree to use as an umbrella, and a random orange. Okay, maybe not that complicated.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Love you all!

If you missed Photo dump: Flash from the past (part 1) check it out here.


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