Meet your friendly “nurse sister”.


This is Nurse Sister.  My daughter, at three years old, now calls nurse’s “sisters.” She uses the word nurse and sister interchangeably when referring to them and sometimes all together. Not sure why.

But it’s cute. And confusing. But mostly cute.

Lately, the way life has gone, there is a handful of nurses I see more than my closest friends. These (typically) women have taken wonderful care of us.  They are the ones day in and day out with the patients. I don’t know how they do it but they manage to deal with sick kids all day long and still manage to be happy and be friendly to each one…or at least to us.

And for the record, I have yet to see a nurse who wears the same amount of eye makeup as Miss Barbie pictured above.

For us, they are the ones to give Asher his chemo, change his dressings, give him his shots, and check for the third time the red rash I swear is there. They provide emotional support by making sure I drink enough water and take breaks when we are in hospital, and they calm my anxieties by answering all my crazy questions.

I want to introduce you to a couple of the many nurse friends Asher has made lately.

First, I would like to introduce you to Kathy, our favorite pre-op nurse.


Asher adores everyone but he’s got a special thing for Kathy. He will literally “talk” with her for as long as she can spare. She always makes him smile.

The woman pictured here is our Robyn.


She is one of our “regulars” when we have been in the pediatric ward. She somehow just makes things fun when she is on shift. She is always great for a smile, and has a very down to earth sense of humor. I loves her more than I can say.

This is Denise.

IMAG8132She checks us in when we come for doctors appointments and to the infusion clinic. She takes his weight, height, blood pressure, temp, and all that, while making him smile the biggest smile he can manage.

Last nurse for today, is Renee.

girl with heart

She doesn’t normally look like a stick figure and has more hair. However I don’t have a photo of her, it would be impossible to write this post without mentioning her.  Our infusion nurse extraordinaire. In the more than a dozen times we have been in the clinic for chemo, dressing changes, allergic reactions, blood cultures, etc… She has been our nurse 99% of the time. I can’t express how much I appreciate this woman who has humored and helped me more times than I could count.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of the nurses who have touched our lives. Kelly is another fantastic infusion nurse. Fatima who is not just a nurse but a ninja and manages to do night time vitals without waking Asher or I up. Sloan, Johanna, Jolly, and on and on.

Oh! And Carol who can get Asher’s IV in with one try. I will kiss her feet because she is so good at it. She doesn’t make me though. That would probably be weird.

Have you had any amazing nurse sisters touch your life? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know about it by leaving a comment below.


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