I’ve been in a weird place for the last week. My head is just too cluttered to pick a topic to write about.  When I do write my emotions are a little drastic that I know better than to post any of it.

On Sunday at church people would ask me, “How are you?” And I would freeze. I wasn’t horrible but I wasn’t good. It was too complicated, that my brain couldn’t even process a “fine.” I’m not quite sure what I said. It probably was more like a shrug or grunt.

I am just…here. When tough stuff happens some days are easier than others. That’s just the reality. It’s not the end of the world, it just means you need a little break.

So in the meantime while I sort stuff out (and renew my antidepressants prescription) I decided to share with you something that gave me untolds amount of joy yesterday. I had noticed the photo app of my Kindle had been used, and since I never have touched it, I decided to look at what was going on.


Addie selfie

Between her playing with the learning app where she learns addition, and reading her zoo animal book, the little mischievous one took a couple of selfie’s…or 438 to be exact. I’d guess 80% are of walls and random furniture. Another 15% are of her hair. The rest are just beyond adorable. You can tell there was a handful of different photo shoots as her clothes and the walls change in them.

The latest ones though, the husband got in on the action.

brian and addie

So I made little collages of my loves to post on Facebook, because that is what I do.

Have a good week!


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