In hell there will be moths


I am not sure if it says it in the Bible but I am pretty sure that hell will have moths. And you will never, ever, be able to get rid of them. No matter how much you clean, how many you kill, they will keep coming back. They will be on your clothes, in your fresh loaf sour dough bread, in your pancake mix, and in every single room of your house.

Satans minions have invaded my home. Neither me nor my cleaning angel can seem to get rid of them. They seem to be centering around the kitchen. Every cupboard has been cleaned at least twice. Half the food thrown out. And still.

They are there.

Always there.

The little flappy devils will fly straight into my face and worse, into my coffee. MY COFFEE!

The nice thing is they are pretty slow buggers so I can feel like a ninja when I kill the thing with one hand. But after the 6 or 700th time, your ninja skills lose their novelty and it just more dead bug guts in your hand.

A warning to all: Moth’s are minions of hell out to destroy you.

That is all.


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