Next week: No More Perfect Jen

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I’m obsessed over the book No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage. OBSESSED. I mentioned it briefly before but it’s rocked my world.

Let’s start from the beginning.

I was born. It was nice and painful, I hear. Then I grew up. I was a pretty decent kid, living a pretty decent life, in which I never was a perfectionist. I was ambitious but not a perfectionist.


So when I read No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage, I didn’t think it would have much for me.

To be honest, I really dislike Christian self-help books anyways. I only read them when roped into a small group at church, and even then I do my homework reluctantly (to be truthful, part of it is me just being a bad sport about). It just doesn’t always speak to where I am or worse, is full of this froofy (yes, it’s a word…to me) Christian language that you would never use in a normal conversation. I absolutely can’t stand that stuff in article or blog post, let alone for 12 chapters.

Okay, so back to the point.

This book wasn’t like what I’d think of the typical Christian empowerment book. It was honest, straight forward, and moved quickly from point to point.  And most importantly (to me) put words to issues I have been mulling over and dealing with for quite some time. I think it’s the only time I said “AMEN!” out loud while reading something.

And a great part? It was about parenting but not giving all-knowing parenting how-to. It gave you better tools to parent the way you think best.

Even though the book primarily focuses on the perfectionist in us all, especially towards moms, it really touched on something important:

I know (to almost a bad point) that I am not perfect. But I am frustrated by it daily! I want to be perfect, I am not. But goodness would it make life easier!

 Why can’t I be like the mom who keeps a clean house?

Why can’t I be like the mom who turns whatever she touches to gold?

Why can’t I be the mom who everything she crafts turns out like something on Pinterest?

Why can’t I be like….

The fact is that I am embarrassed by the fact that I am not perfect. I am embarrassed that no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to do it.

This book touched on a lot of really great points having to do with this and a bunch of other things. So next week, out of my obsession, I will be publishing a week-long series highlighting some points that I especially liked. I really hope you enjoy reading it, a quarter as much as I did writing it.

It’s a series I call:

No more perfect Jen

So on top of bugging you all about the book for a whole week, I am going to try and make it worth your while and give away a book! In reality, I want someone else that I can talk to this book about, but still, you get the chance to get a free book! That’s awesome, right? Maybe? Kinda?

There are two ways you can be entered to win (the more times you do it, the more times you will be entered to win):

1) Comment on the No More Perfect Jen posts. I’d love to hear your thoughts and will have specific questions/challenges with each. I encourage you to do them with me, but even if you don’t, make sure to stop and say hi! 

2) Each post will have it’s own quote graphic like this:


I will be posting them on my Facebook page all week long. Each time you share one of the graphics or a link to one of the posts on Facebook you’ll be entered to win. Just make sure to tag my page in your post or in the comments so I can know it’s you. If it’s on Pinterest, email me a link the Make sure to let me know you did it!

On Sunday, I’ll announce the winner here!


One thought on “Next week: No More Perfect Jen

  1. Ok I’m game!! For two reasons; one if its sparked this in you it’s a good book. Two I’ve had that little thought roaming the back of my head, am I doing something wrong with Ryan? Could I be the source of his behavior as of late? So you have peaked my attention..excited to see the next tidbit!

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