Halloween love (and a lot of BAM!’s)

I’m giddy to write this post. Halloween rocked, and I want to tell you all about it.

First off let me say that even though Halloween is my favorite holiday, I wasn’t into it this year. We had two decorations up- a ghost soap dish someone gave me a week ago, and some paper pumpkins my daughter drew on. The pumpkins however cute where a little bit of riddle. They were supposed to be one for each person of the family but after drawing herself and the baby on two of them, the little girl then proceeded to draw loafs of bread on the mommy and daddy ones. I’m not sure how to take that, so I’m just going to move on.

Hi Lu!

But I just wasn’t feeling it. Too lazy. Too tired. And as I mentioned, a bit too emotional these days that I am having a hard time getting my act together. BUT thanks to a friend picking up a random yet absolutely perfect Batgirl costume complete with tutu, and another friend happening to give us a superman outfit for the baby two weeks before Halloween, BAM! we had costumes.

Not just costumes, but matching theme costumes. I have a Wonder Woman apron that I rocked with my new booths and yellow infinity scarf… and clothes, I did wear clothes under it… and we got the husband a green lantern shirt.

BAM! We were the Justice League!!!

Husband dressed up as Green lantern holding baby boy dressed up as superman.

The husband and baby being the super heroes they are.

3-year-old in batgirl dress

The super cool Batgirl dress, that my daughter made me promise to let her wear today…and probably everyday for the rest of her life.

I didn’t get any photos of myself or us as a team. You’ll just have to trust me. I was there, wearing a Wonder Woman apron.

Decked out in awesome costumes we went to our churches Harvest Festival. This is the Halloween place to be.  There is trunk-or-treating with a mad car decorating contest, LOADS of candy, hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, games for the kids, bounce houses, and some of the best people you will ever meet.

Here is the kicker: The four of us- Mama  (me), the husband, the little girl, and baby boy- all went together.

With the baby going through chemo, the four of us going into public together is very rare occurrence. This event being outside and the baby’s ANC count holding strong, we were able to go…as a family.

Possibly one of the best nights of my life.

Being able to carry my son around, and introducing him to people I adore with all of my heart but who never get to see him, just was…wonderful. It’s one of those little things you don’t appreciate until you don’t have it anymore- your friends knowing your children and being apart of their life.

Smiling baby

The funny thing is, my daughter is incredibly shy and has a very hard time around a lot of people. It’s taken her years to warm up to people at church, and even now at things like this, she resorts to not talking and staring at the ground whenever someone addresses her. (Although I have to say I was VERY proud of her for pushing through her anxiety last night and lasting the night without baring her face in my shoulder. I am sure the promise of candy helped). But baby boy is a super social baby. I can already see a gigantic difference between him and our little girl.  He loves people. He thrives on people’s attention and conversation. Already. At five months, he is a social butterfly.  So, he LOVED it and greeted everyone with a smile.

That alone would have made it an amazing night.

But then my friend said to wait, because she had “a little something” for me.

A little something, ended up being this gigantic bucket covered with a blanket. When her husband brought it over he had the biggest smile, I had ever seen him have. I’ll never forget that.

Then she mentioned she had a speech prepared… WAAAAA?  A speech? What is happening right now? 

That’s when I noticed a small crowd of friends had gathered around.

What was going on?

I wish I recorded the “speech”. It was short, sweet, and made me cry. My beautiful friend wanted to get me a small gift basket to encourage us in these last months of chemo. Then her and another friend had the idea to email out “a couple” of people from church to see if anyone wanted to join in…. The very small dollar store gift basket idea, turned into this:

Giant bucket full of gifts

A gigantic bucket of love! Yes, gifts are always nice, but the fact that so many people wanted to do something for us.

On top of that, later that night as we unpacked it we noticed that each and every thing in there was incredibly personal to someone in our family.  There was a space heater…which I offhandedly mentioned that we needed now that I cleaned made a play area in the garage. Blueberry muffin mix (which I bake for the husband weekly), bubble bath (mommy time needs bubbles, a scarf (I recently decided I want to be a scarf person), double barrel nerf gun (apparently the husband’s favorite one EVAR), popcorn popper (which was one of the husband’s favorite childhood memory), formula (baby’s favorite food), and more…that’s only like half of it. Each thing was amazing. AMAZING.

Okay, even the fact that there were baby wipes in there and I just opened the last pack that day and wasn’t sure when I would make it to the store to buy more… and BAM! there they were.

The husband and I are on the geeky side of life. Our life involves regular conversations about super heroes, Star Trek, Star Wars, and various anime. We could probably be the most popular people in the room, but wouldn’t feel it. It’s a nerd complex left over from high school. It happens. Anyway, so the fact that people pay attention and actually know us, made us feel loved and was actually a little surprising to us. 

This post is getting rather long, so I am going to wrap up with the fact Halloween rocked and here is our super cool Gotham city themed trunk for the trunk-or-treat at church.

Photo of cardboard buildings and toy batman holding a lollipop.



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