This week is No More Perfect Jen Series, starting with COURAGE.

No More Perfect Jen title slide

Today is the start of No More Perfect Jen, a blog post series where I highlight my favorite parts from the awesometastic book’s No More Perfect Mom’s by Jill Savage.

I am doing this series because…Well… I just have a lot I want to say about it. And I am giving away a book, because I want to be able to talk to someone else about the book.

There are two ways you can be entered to win (the more times you do it, the more times you will be entered to win):

1) Comment on the No More Perfect Jen posts. I’d love to hear your thoughts and will have specific questions/challenges with each. I encourage you to do them with me, but even if you don’t, make sure to stop and say hi!

2) Each post will have it’s own quote graphic like this:


I will be posting them on my Facebook page all week long. Each time you share one of the graphics or a link to one of the posts on Facebook you’ll be entered to win. Just make sure to tag my page in your post or in the comments so I can know it’s you. If it’s on Pinterest, email me a link the Make sure to let me know you did it!

On Sunday I’ll announce the winner.

So moving on to today’s post. It will be short and sweet


Going through this whole cancer thing with my son, people have called me strong. I found this actually rather discouraging at first because I felt anything but that. I’ve been crying, I have been angry, I have been frustrated, and I have had times I just can barely get through the day.

Then I started reading No More Perfect Mom’s during one of our hospitalizations this summer, and came across this.

“Courageous women are still fearful; they just don’t allow fear to stop them. If we’re waiting for the fear to go away so the courage can take its place, it will never happen. Instead, courage appears on the scene while fear is still very present.”

This is not to say I am courageous and strong, but “Courageous women are still fearful” means hope. It means you don’t have to have it all together to be courageous, maybe sometimes not having it all together is what takes courage. Maybe crying in the corner, but then picking yourself up and moving on, is real courage.

It’s just hit me. Made me think about what actual courage was, and gave me hope that I wasn’t as much of a mess as I thought.

Around the same time we got a Joy Jar. It had a rubber bracelet in it that said “NEVER EVER GIVE UP.” For some reason this cheap, dumb, little blue and white piece of rubber, gave me the same hope. Not giving up when you are scared is courageous. I can’t really explain it, but the quote and that bracelet are connected to me.

Do you have your own symbol of courage or strength? Share with us! Or just say hi (remember, ever comment will enter you to win a free book).


2 thoughts on “This week is No More Perfect Jen Series, starting with COURAGE.

  1. I never really thought of myself as courageous, but after reading this, I realize there is one very specific time in my life (not too long ago) that I was more courageous than I ever thought I could be. For me, it meant picking myself up, moving forward when it felt utterly impossible, and being present for my family. I don’t really have a particular symbol of courage…maybe I do and I don’t know it yet. 🙂

  2. I think surviving every day and not giving up is a sign of courage. Each day doesn’t have to be perfect, we know that God did not mean each day to be perfect. Being Courageous is a gift all in itself. In the words of Rev Run – Happiness is a form of Courage.
    Choose your attitude each day, even if you just want to stay in bed all day and do nothing. I have plenty of those days that I literally do only what I have to do and nothing more. Sometimes it’s just the courage to survive and do what you HAVE to do for your kids….

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