Sometimes you just have to have a stupid day

hospital sign

I know I am in the middle of the fabulous No More Perfect Jen series, but  I decided to give you all a quick update.

I got a funky thing goin’ on. Not the good kinds of funk either. Yesterday afternoon I had a small pain in my side. Over four hours the little pain I thought was a possible ovarian cyst (same old, same old, for me) turned into a pain that has only been matched by labor. It all has stayed on my right side.

I took a fun little visit to the ER last night. To their credit I got in immediately and they administered the morphine pretty quickly. After an ultrasound, xray, and blood test, they still have no idea what is wrong. It took morphine, diloded, and more morphine to get the pain under control. But once it was, they send me home with a list of prescriptions. And even though they gave me two doses of nausea med’s I still managed to throw up in the bushes outside of the ER.

Then our car wouldn’t start… but that’s a different thing.

I was able to sleep great last night. This morning I was trying to convince the husband that I was well enough to to go to the baby boy’s chemo treatment today, and about 30 seconds I rolled on my right side to tell my husband that I was “all better”, the horrible pain came raging back.

I was pretty unconvincing.

So I have been laying on my left side and popping pain meds all day. The husband took the baby to his chemo appointment (baby boy is doing smashingly afterwords too ) and I rocked the Netflix.

We don’t know what’s going on. There are a couple of follow-up options but we are waiting it out for a little bit first. And so I am just here, ready for an alian to pop out of my appendix or something. As my husband said last night when our car wouldn’t start, “sometimes you just have a stupid day.”

At least I get to look at this cutie’s face.

Series of baby photos


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