I unpacked the hospital bag

3 toothbrushes

So, last week I mentioned I was having random pain. That has seemed to go away for now…I still don’t know what happened. All I know is that it hurt. But for now, we are not going to worry about it.

I unpacked my hospital bag this weekend. This is kind of a big deal. Like, it was brought up with therapy and everything.

After four hospital visits practically back to back, I left my bags packed. One bag with snacks, basic supplies, baby boy’s binder of medical paperwork, and the other with two days worth of clothes and overnight supplies. When we re-arranged out living room, I even created a little tucked away home for the bags. There they have sat.

We have gone two months without a hospital visit. For two months I haven’t had two pairs of pants, a pair of sweats, the majority of my make-up, and whatever else was in there.

Finally, on Halloween I broke down and took out my toiletry kit. I really couldn’t be Wonder Woman without mascara. But that was hard…

Harder than it should have been. I was no longer ready. Prepared for the worst.

But in the end, I realized I couldn’t be stuck in “crisis” mode forever, especially when in every practical sense, I really needed those pants.  Not to mention I had to work through the panic attacks that went along with trying to realize we weren’t in “crisis” every single day.

So after avoiding doing the laundry all week, urging from my therapist, and some deep breaths, I unpacked the bag.

I started it because I really needed to wear pants out of the house that hadn’t been barfed or pee’d on by small children, but continued the unpacking because it wasn’t as horrible as the initial panic attack told me.  I was like “Chill hyperventilating heart attack, I got this.

The reality of our blessed life is that even if we go back to the hospital, my husband or I or one of our 300 family members and friends can pack a bag for me.

{Now watch me do an awesome transition.}

Not everyone has that comfort. Not everyone has that support. I have heard many stories from new friends, social workers, nurses and hospital staff about parents coming from hours away in an ambulance to the hospital. No bag packed, no car, no availability to just pop across the street to Target (that is IF they had the money to pay for extras that month), and would stay for days or even weeks.

Out of these stories, I have started a project.

love the

Through donations and tiny bit of fundraising my goal is to provide toiletry kits and other little comforts to families staying in the pediatric ward at the Kaiser Roseville hospital we seem to frequent.

It’s a small project.

All I have energy is for a small project right about now. My goal is to have the first batch there by Christmas…so it will probably end up getting there in February.

I’m joining my friends Ugly Cupcake fundraiser and baking banana bread and pumpkin muffins to raise money for the costs. The great thing about toiletry kit’s is I can do a lot with $10, so even if I sell just 1, it works. If I end up making more, then I’ll be able to do more. Easy as that.

As much as I love to serve, right now I need easy.

I have some people donating items. Which is awesome. And I think I am going to throw a packing kit party, where we put together the kits while watching a movie or chillin’ out with snacks. I’ll post more when I have more than just an idea and logo.

The goal is simple, easy, but (I hope) definitely helpful.

Maybe my neurosis over a bag sitting under our table for two months wasn’t a total crazy moment.  It finally got my butt moving on the Love the Hospital(ity) project that I have been thinking about for at least four months.

Stay tuned.


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