Stories, Facebook posts, links, and other internet randomness…

This is a round up of randomness…


I’m obsessed over the buzzfeed article floating around where a guy live tweets a break-up he is unfortunately around to watch. It’s HILARIOUS.


I spent too much time playing this guess the movie, emoji edition from Geek in Heels. I am proud to say I got most of them.

kid holding a doll

I love the idea of having daddy/mommy dolls for when parents of young kids are deployed. You can find the place to order them here, and the blog post I originally saw them at (and got the photo above from) here.


My 3-year-old now went from a princess fad to a zombie fad. My daughter randomly told me yesterday, “Mama I am not going to try to eat you!”… but later she reneged on her promise, tried to eat me (as playfully as you could try biting someone I suppose), and was surprised when biting my arm hurt me. Sometimes parenting is just going 0_o .

(Before you call CPS: She recently figured out that bugs bite and now she is trying to mimic it, we don’t actually let her watch zombie things).

This also happened yesterday…and every time people visit:


When people visit my kids are all: We are cute, we are quiet, we play on our own, and are all shy...oh we are such easy kids.  Ten minutes after people leave: AHHHHHHHH!!!!! WE ARE MINIONS OF SATAN HERE TO DESTROY YOU, YOUR HOME, AND YOUR EAR DRUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hilariously true articles about how weird kids AND moms are. A couple of gems from the kids article (that are 100% my kids!):

Complains about being tired.
Refuses to take a nap.
Beg and begs for chocolate milk.

Sobs on the floor and refuses to drink any because she didn’t get to stir it.  

Calls ketchup and yogurt “too slimey”.
Recently ate his own boogers.
A few gems from the mom article:
Claims children are incapable of listening when the TV is on.
Ignores everything they say while playing Candy Crush.
“Are you making healthy choices?”
Forgets to go the gym for three years.
Constantly nagging children to keep their rooms clean.
Mini-van can be smelled from 10 paces away.

“Turn Sponge Bob off. It will rot your brain and you know it.”
Watches Real Housewives when no one is looking.

Stresses importance of healthy self-esteem and self-worth.
Talks incessantly about how fat she is. 

Have you seen anything good on the inter-webs that you would like to share with the class?

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