I need your help…

I have two upcoming projects I am reaching out to my lovable Bad at Cleaning community for help with. One I need your feedback, and the other, if you so desire, I could use your stuff.

How to support someone fighting cancer survey

I am writing an ebook…or maybe it will just be a series of posts, I haven’t 100% decided on some tips and thoughts about how to support a person or family that is fighting cancer.

To be honest, until I went through it I don’t think I would have known how to help. Many people have good intentions but inadvertently making the situation worse. So my goal is to write an honest, straight forward, and somewhat brief ebook/series on some ways to better support people going through a long-term medical crisis.

Here is where you come in: I am sure that my experience is like many others, but I do want to hear from other people who have or are fighting cancer (either as a patient or loved one). It’s a quick 6-question survey, asking things like “what do you want your support system to know about what you are going through?” You can find it over at the Ebook Survey page on the blog.

Thank you in advance!

Love the Hospital(ity) project is in full swing!

You can get more information over to the Love the Hospital(ity) page but here is the latest list of needs:

Flier is in text at Thebadatcleaningblog.com/love


Double thank you in advance!


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