It’s chibi time!

Happy chibi Jen I love my chibi’s.

A chibi is a type of artwork…or cartoon-like character. They typically have big heads, big eyes, and are a lot of fun.

For years I have wanted my own chibi’s. Mainly so I could be like Ilona Andrews. A couple months ago my husband saw someone with a giant poster of a chibi Daniel Bryan while watching a WWRaw episode.

It looked like this:

Picture of chibi Daniel Bryan

A quick web search and we found Michelle! Better yet, at the time she was having a sale. IT WAS FATE! She does art at

So I got a chibi….


Then another…


And then LOTS of chibi’s!!!!

Cartoon-chibi Jen with cleaning supplies and frowning

Chibi Jen reading

Happy chibi Jen

It’s pretty addicting. Check her out. Show her some love. Get yourself a chibi, to be cool like me.



3 thoughts on “It’s chibi time!

  1. That poster of Daniel Bryan your husband saw on WWE Raw belongs to me. I had Michelle draw it for me. In fact, that same poster made it onto the WWE website under 2013 Raw Fan Signs.

    • That’s great! I’m super happy you had her draw that up, not only because it lead me to getting my chibi’s, but a Daniel Bryan is hilarious and awesome (the Yes! Yes! Yes! on the shirt was a great touch). How was the show in person?

      • Going to a WWE show live is one of the best experiences around. You’ve got to attend a live WWE show at least once if you’re a fan of it.

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