Love the Hospital(ity) update: It’s getting crazy up in here!


Love the Hospital(ity) has officially launched! And I am overwhelmed by the response I am getting. I started this (and continued this) as my own personal community service, a way to give back to people that have helped me and my family. I said from the beginning, if I got any help or donations that would just be sprinkles on the cupcake. Little did I know people would not only add sprinkles, but add like a dozen more cupcakes to make a cupcake tree thing…

…I am not sure if that analogy worked so well. Back to the point: I didn’t expect so many (or any) people to jump on board, but dang! It’s crazy! The wonderful, touching, making me cry type crazy! My kind of crazy.

I had friends who jumped on board right away to donate or even help me come up with the name (LOVE YOU TAMMY, SARAH O., ELIZABETH, ASHLEY D., SHELLY, JAMIE, CORINNE, AND GINGER!), and a huge amount of other friends who have been incredibly encouraging about it  (I need all the encouragement I can get these days).  —If I forgot to call you out by name, I am sorry, I am lame but I LOVE YOU!—

I already got my first donation in:

Stack of blankets in a box

It’s a dozen (!) fleece blankets and a ton of razors.

Thank you Kelly! I’ve already been told that more is on the way! You are a rock star, it made my day to find them on my doorstep yesterday. You get a big ‘ol high five for being my first donation…you would get pumpkin bread but you live kind of far away.

My friends are awesome. That’s why they are my friends, so it’s kind of to be expected.  What I didn’t expect is those who don’t know me who have gotten on board…

A nice lady, who I met randomly online the other day by commenting on a mutual friend’s status, Bonnie, has taken this on herself to be a driving force for me. She already has stuff to donate! The amazing woman she is she hasn’t even come close to stopping there. She has reached out to her friends for donations (and she has some awesome ones like me who are stepping up and promising donations!), and we will be working with her 4th grade class to stuff bags of toiletries and make Christmas cards for the patients at the hospital on Christmas. I love class projects!

Then I just got messaged by a lovely stranger named Mandy this morning. Her and her children are going to make drink bags (packet of hot chocolate, packet of apple cider, a tea bag, made up lil ziplock baggies of marshmallows, lil candy canes and put them all in gift bags and tied it up). She is making it part of her families tradition to give back  and do something for Jesus (*tear!*). A little hot cocoa and apple cider will go a long way, as the hospital provides water, access to a microwave and free coffee (in the morning) for families, but that’s it. 

All I did was mentioned to a couple of people I was doing this, and put this flier on Facebook.

Flier is in text at

I know it wasn’t my graphic design skills that got people excited…So maybe there is something here, not just another Jen idea (I have ridiculous amounts that are not always sane or doable).

I am touched. I am excited. I have planned events, and community service projects before, but nothing quite this close to my heart. The fact is, we could be spending our Christmas in the hospital we are giving these things too. You never know with chemo what will happen. Projects like these… where I can do something for people, help them when their hearts are breaking, just makes my heart beyond happy. It always has, but it’s a little different with this. It’s what I am needing to find strength to get through some of those tough days.

Thank you everyone who has donated, encouraged, or is working on contributing in some way. I love you all!

If you have any questions or want to talk to me about it, you can email me at, message me on Facebook, or leave a comment below.


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