Yay Thanksgiving! (10 things I am thankful for)


I’ve been not in the Thanksgiving mood…Then yesterday, the husband’s best friend brought us some early pumpkin pie. One taste and I am back on the the native Americans-and-pilgrims-pretending-to-be-friends-so-I-can-eat-turkey train. With or without the pie, my not being in the mood before was more from exhaustion and definitely not because I am not thankful. I’ve never been more thankful in my life. So in true Thanksgiving tradition, here are 10 things I am thankful for:

Happy chibi Jen

1) My brothers. I haven’t blogged about them here because I never want to embarrass them, but I cannot imagine life without them in it. They have two very different personalities but both mean the world to me. I am beyond proud of what each has accomplished. And even though they both became uncles before they were 18, they have been fantastic to my kids. Like the coolest, most caring, and helpful uncles around.

One is the smartest man you’ll meet, caring, and even though we don’t talk much anymore I know he will always be there for me. Growing up, one of my favorite things in life was to go into his room and just talk. He is ambitious, like I was, but not dumb at his age, like I was. He’s got a really good head on his shoulders…I know that’s cliche to say, but as he went away (left me) for college in a different strange city, I knew he would be fine. I think I may have learned more from him over the years than him from me.

The other is the kindest teen with the biggest heart. And he always can make me laugh.  He’s 13 years younger than me, but takes way too much care of his big siiiister. Whenever I am in the hospital with my son or something big is going on, he’ll send me encouraging and loving texts…and best of all, get me to take my mind off whatever. He has spent much of his free time in high school babysitting my daughter and dealing with my sabotaging his room on a regular basis. He’s a Crossfit master, so if you poke his stomach you could probably break your finger. 

Yay sibs!


2) Infinity scarfs. I’ve always wanted to be a scarf person, but never could figure out how to knot it and not either choke myself or it fall apart every 30 seconds. I’d always give up. Then I bought this nursing cover (above photo and etsy shop but in solid yellow) that doubles as a infinity scarf. And I ADORE it. I can be a scarf person without putting in effort and tying my own noose.

Yay breathing!

Stack of paper plates

3) Paper plates. At the end of my last pregnancy, I bought a stack of paper plates. We have a half dishwasher and just using paper plates cuts the dishes down by half. Because I couldn’t bend over or ya know, move my whale of a stomach off the couch, paper plates it was. After the baby was diagnosed, the paper plates were back and never left. It’s horribly irresponsible in terms of earth and all that, but I feel like the earth will forgive me.

Yay less dishes!

Photo of a Main St brand side dish

4) On that note, Main St side dishes.They are cheap, they are easy (4 minutes in the microwave) and are incredibly good! They have four different kinds with different types of potatos or mac n cheese. They recently have become a pillar in our fridge for those overwhelmed mommy days.

Yay lazy food!

Hand over keyboard of the laptop in server room

5) Online friends.  I have connected with some amazing people through blogs, forums, and even just through other people’s Facebook pages. One in particular (hi Sarah!) I am absolutely convinced is meant to be my best friend. She posts things that I swear is word for word (but with better spelling and grammar) something I would say or think. We can talk creative projects, God, husbands, and especially random humor, and get each other. I love it.

Yay online stalking!

comm-chibi-ja-kids (1)

6) My kids. I have great kids. Like truly awesome little people. I  talk a lot here about the strength and wonderful personality of my baby boy here, but my daughter is amazing in her own right. Only a handful of people get to see her gigantic smile, because she is so shy. But man when she smiles, it lights up the room. She adores making people laugh, and loves to jump in and take care of people when they are not well. She is goofy and energetic, on top of being incredibly smart (she already knows the difference between a pentagon and octagon…I don’t think I knew that until she told me).  I have so much fun (most days) staying home with both of the kids, because they are just wonderful people already.

Yay reproducing!

Cast photo of the cartoon phineas and ferb

7) Phineas and Ferb. Yes, I am 28 years old and thankful for a cartoon. It’s not the first time. But as a parent you learn that there are some really awful kids tv shows and movies. Like really really bad with really really horrible moral of the stories. It’s almost disturbing. We recently found Phineas and Ferb which is not only a good show that I want my kid to learn from but also I like watching. It’s a life saver for my sanity, and makes for some good family TV time.

Yay platypus!

"The mall is nice but I prefer to buy my clothes online...no mirrors."

8) Internet shopping. I know this is nothing new, but I did 98% of my Christmas shopping via internet this year. I am already done and it’s glorious. With round 6 of chemo next week, the usual lock down/sick baby the week after, then big appointment with the specialist the week after that, then, oh right, it’s Christmas.  In one night, I got it all done.

Yay no lines!

Husband with paper crown dancing with little girl with a princess crown

9) The man my husband is. I know everyone seems thankful when they are married for their spouse, or for the fact that they have a spouse..this is a little different. Recently as we have fought our son’s cancer, I have gotten to see the true man inside my husband, and may I say damn, I love him.

In the last six months we have been through the ringer. In life, in parenting, and in marriage, all has had it’s impossible moments. The other day he blogged this:

“The thing is, when your kid has cancer — or you go through any other event that completely drains your emotional reserves — you’re left without the energy or inclination to deal with anything else. Unresolved problems bubble to the surface. Thus, this has been the beginning of a major healing time in a way I never thought possible and didn’t know I needed so badly. In fact, I’ve spent the last few months just coming to grips with some of my issues, just figuring out what they are and how to move forward.

But praise God, I’m moving forward.”

We have both been in the emotional exhausted place, where unresolved issues are coming to the surface, but we’ve been okay because he keeps moving forward. There have been some tough moments. Like tough. Moments he may have been tempted to give up, moments a weaker man would have been done with it all. If he ever thought about it, he never showed it. He has stayed my teammate, my partner, my lover and my best friend through it all.  He has kept being the hands on dad (see him dancing with the princess), emotionally available husband, and constant pillar for God’s truth, even when it wasn’t easy. That’s the man my husband is. I’m so proud. I am so thankful.

Yay love!


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