The hospital tour you all have been waiting for!

The local Kaiser hospital has become our second home, and this week we are back! I decided to take my handy dandy smart phone and take some photos of the hallways and rooms I frequent day in and day out.

Hospital halloway

After you check into the security, go up to our floor, get buzzed into the main part of the floor, and bam! here you are.  The security part is boring, so I didn’t photograph that part.


The playroom for kids. It’s big enough that they can ride in the little cars, bounce balls, and have lots of fun. My daughter loves it. The cabinet to the left are filled with toys for up to probably age 8. This is where I go to see if I can find mobiles and my baby’s favorite singing snail toy.

Quilt with fish

This is just neat.

Paper turtle

These turtles are part of like a bulletin board type display, and for some reason I adore them. Like really, really, adore them.

Large octopus on the wall

My daughter adores this octopus. Like really, really, adores it.

sign that says pantry

Right as you walk in, the first door to your right will be this one.

Small room with ice machine

It is the tiniest room, but has a ice and water machine.

Small kitchen area with fridge

And a fridge, sink, microwave and toaster. Best yet FREE and FRESH coffee twice a day.

Sign with room number and ceramic sea horse

This is not our room number or never actually has been, but I like the seahorse more than the ugly little fish on our room number plaque.


In our current room this contraption (pneumatic tube) is right across from us. It’s a way for the nurses to send certain samples and get prescriptions…I think. At least I know it’s for samples, because there is a sign above it with what samples cannot be sent through it. It’s makes a loud thump, thump, then beeping noise until a nurse turns it off. We had this room last time, so I learned to tune it out. Maybe that’s why they gave me this room again.

Hospital room

This is a photo of a normal room… hospital bed, two chairs (one fold out to a bed), a bench/bed, sink, and bathroom with shower. Oh, and a bunch of medical stuff.


Our room has a super cool crib with a baby in it though.

 White board

This our care board, aka cheat sheet when we can’t remember the current nurses name. And yes, we have to track the diapers…

Lounge chair with laptop on it

This where I blog from. It also pulls out more into a bed for the husband.

Bench by window

My bed or day bench…but mainly mass pile of blankets and pillows.

That’s about it. I was tempted to take photos of the gift shop where I spend too much money, and security but that all felt awkward and possibly like I was casing the joint. So instead I’ll leave you with the view from my window at sunset.

Buildings at sunset


3 thoughts on “The hospital tour you all have been waiting for!

  1. Thanks for the tour. Little things like a seahorse on the door, an octopus on the wall and fresh coffee twice a day, may not have meant that much before, but now it can be ways to feel normal in un-home like surroundings. Home is indeed where “the heart is” . Keep on keeping on. Its all good!

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