So homemaking is a thing… (with gifs)

Alright, I am dumb.

I’ve never pretended to be the brightest bulb on the tree (see that awesome Christmas reference?) or sharpest crayon in the box…or something like that.

BUT I’m not a total idiot.


I am. I mean I can do a thing or two…but you shouldn’t be totally shocked by the fact that it dawned on me the other day that home making really is a thing!

Now, I knew decorating and keeping a house was work and what ya do. I never understood the whole “homemaker” title though. Isn’t everyone who lives in a house that’s not on a episode of hoarders, a make a home essentially? I mean career moms and dad’s still have to come home and clean, maybe decorate, and make their house a nice environment for their family.

Like dishes, I thought it was any old chore.

This anti-housewife yet stay-at-home mom, never really put much thought of it. It was just a 50’s term saying the wife doesn’t belong in the workplace.

But then last week we refreshed our home. After a looong six months or more, we were ready to start fresh, and since there is absolutely no way I am moving right now, re-decorating and re-organizing was the logical choice. You probably read about our fun painting day (I am still finding paint on by body and hair, by the way), that was part of our home reboot.

Well, as I went through each room figured out what would make it special for the person who uses it most, what I wanted the room to “say”, how I best needed the room to function, then came up with creative (and hopefully) cheep solutions…I was exhausted by the end of each day.

Dude, this is hard work!

I know what you are thinking:

Judge Judy rolling her eyes

I took pride in my home before, that is not like a new concept. But I’ve never done so much packed into a week. It just made it blaringly obvious that home making really is a thing…

I knew I was horrible at the domestic stuff like cleaning…and cleaning… and keeping a house clean. But the term home maker never crossed my mind.

Making a home… not just maintain, throwing together, or living in, but actually putting effort into creating a space that is not just for living but a home. Like I said, the concept isn’t new, but sometimes there is a moment where you re-hear or re-see something you’ve heard or seen a million times but now your in a new context and you are like:


I can see more as a job description now, although I still feel people whose titles may be lawyer, social worker, or store clerk probably do the same thing but without the title.

The main revelation of this week is I have decided this week that it is more of a skill.

We all have skills… some people have more than others. Mine are sarcasm, jumping into too many projects, and annoying my husband. But home making really is a skill. It can be developed (what I am working on) or come naturally, but it is something that takes work, and maybe even a little practice.

It’s not easy to envision how a bunch of photos, furniture, curtains, and canvas’ will come together to make a place comfortable or not.

It’s not easy to think…what do I need right now in terms of space and storage? But also what will I (or more likely my kids) need 6-months from now (because I am not doing another reboot anytime soon!)?

What will work for when the baby starts crawling? How can I make a safe space for my extreme introvert in her room? Will changing the furniture negatively affect the husbands gaming routine? Will those candles placement burn down the house when I totally forget I lit them?


How can I put up wall art to cover the nasty holes in my walls that won’t cost too much or involve too much crafty effort (if there is more than 2 steps, I won’t do it)?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

It’s a skill. 100%. Now I get why people are proud of it. Before I was totally like:



And now I am like:



6 thoughts on “So homemaking is a thing… (with gifs)

    • I can relate! I re-did the entire house AFTER all the kids were gone from the house. You know— filled all the thumbtack holes, repainted, refreshed, etc, etc., re-organized, donated all the unused school supplies from all the “must have” lists over the years!

  1. This would have been pretty awesome without the GIFs, but with them it is stellar! And it IS a skill…one that I am still working hard to acquire (10 years in). 🙂

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