A Finding a reason to get up in the morning

Sleepy Chibi Jen

I do not handle mornings well.

My daughter (3-years-old) has had insomnia since forever. It’s been a horrible cycle of sleeping through the night for two weeks and then up at 3am for four hours for the next two months. Even our doctor is stumped as to why she is all over the place with her sleeping.

Then we have a great sleeping baby (7-month-old), except for every time he gets into a routine he goes to the hospital or has chemo, and it throws him for a loop again. His stomach problems also means he’s up 3 times a night (minimum) for a bottle.

All this is to say, I don’t like mornings.

(I look like the above chibi, but worse…much, much worse.)

There is nothing worse than starting your day out in despair and grumpyness. I needed a mental change…with all the stress and depression flying around our house these days, getting up to fight another day is not always enticing.

But! When I get up, I get to write. My daughter wants breakfast and cartoons, then needs to be left alone for a good hour or so, before she is a nice girl ready to join the world. It works out kind of nice for me, because I usually can steal at least a half hour at the laptop, with my cup of coffee, and blog or write. It’s peaceful for me to write. It’s fun to tweek and do different things with my blog. It’s my mommy time. ME time. Sometimes it’s just a small slice, but honestly it makes me smile in the mornings.

Many times as I am cussing the world because the kids are awake, and I definitely am not, it crosses my mind “well, at least I get to write” and suddenly the world isn’t too horrible.

The thought came about the first couple of times by accident, but now I am trying to be more intentional about it.

Get up —–> Hate the world —–> Wonder why I had kids ——-> Remember I get coffee and maybe a moment to do something fun ——-> Actually get out of bed and freeze to death.

It doesn’t always worked, but it got me out of bed this morning. So there ya go…

Share with me: Any morning traditions that make it a bit easier for you to get out of bed? 


4 thoughts on “A Finding a reason to get up in the morning

  1. I feel for you. Sounds pretty unpleasant. I have no morning traditions that make it easier for me to get up. My kids are 12 and 17; so I don’t have to feed or entertain them, but I still have to get up pre-dawn for an hour long commute. Nothing about that makes me happy. I’m a night person. I write best at night too – which makes me extra tired getting up in the a.m. You have a compatriot in the sleep-deprived world.

    • Hour long commute? Blech! Are there any podcasts that you can listen to on your way? I used to drive to and from college, which was 2-hours away) every weekend, and lots of weekdays, and podcasts were like the only way to get through. Maybe even some on writing, or a audiobook?

      And yay for exhausted-writer unity!

  2. I have 2 kids: 3 and 10 months. I’ve only slept for maybe a 6 hour stretch twice in the last 3+ years. First my daughter (oldest) was bonkers at night like yours. Miraculously, she started sleeping well about 3 months ago. Regardless, both of my kids firmly believe that they should be awake for each and every single sunrise of their lives. This morning? 4:20 AM.
    I try to make the best of it. Cuddle, watch goofy cartoons, and just get them as happy as possible for the day.
    But man, do I miss sleeping in…..like until 6:30.

  3. Has your doctor considered a sleep study? Our son was up 8-10 times a night for the first 3 years of his life. Then we had the sleep study done and found out he had horrible sleep apnea. We had his tonsils and adenoids removed and poof! Sleeping through the night within 2 weeks. It was a miracle.

    During those long years, writing kinda saved my life too. My mama blogger friends were The Most Supportive Community ever. Who else understands sleep deprivation like fellow up-all-night-with-a-restless-kid sufferers?

    As always, sending you strength and hoping that all of you are sleeping better soon!

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