Dropping baby Jesus on his head (God is funny that way)

cartoon zeus

I believe God has a sense of humor. I really do. I swear sometimes I can hear Him laughing while sitting in his big gold chair in the clouds while stroking his poofy white beard (okay, this particular image of God may be illustrated by Disney’s version of Zeus but don’t blame me for being a super cool kid who loved Hercules.)

Example # 1) Platypus! Not mammal. Not animal. And looks like he got cosmically stepped on. Don’t tell me God didn’t put that one together just to screw with us.

Example #2) The way we look when we have a major allergic reaction. Are you going to eat something you shouldn’t?? Fine! I’ll make you look like a balloon so at least the rest of us can get a giggle out of it.

Example #3) He sometimes gives us what we want. Ahaha!  I am convinced this right here is the must-see TV for God and the angels.  You want that big house on the corner? Okay, but then I get to see you covered head to toe in paint doing a scene from the three stooges for three straight weekends while you try to decorate. You want to date that boy in high school? Go ahead, but when you’re 10 years wiser your memory box will be called the box of shame from all your rediculous “loves”.

Not that I would ever say that God would take pleasure in our pain, but sometimes our decision can be so hilariously bad that God has to be amused at our stupidity every once and a while.

All that is to say, is God is a pretty good comedian. So, when we are at our most human, like when a kid accidently fumbles the baby Jesus doll during the church pageant, I feel like God is laughing right along with the parents in the audience.

I have no actual dropping baby Jesus story, I just read one here and got jealous because I wanted to title a post, “When baby Jesus gets dropped on his head…”, which I find incredibly amusing at 2:30am (when I am writing this).

We take ourselves too seriously sometimes. I believe in reverence and showing respect to God. But when we are human and that funny slip of the toungue happens, the thunder cracks and the lights flicker just as the pastor is making his point about God’s power,  or the pastors shoes break right before she does the sermon so she has to go barefoot, I know God is laughing with us. Heck, He probably did it just to make us laugh.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get smitted for this. Thunderbolts raining down on my newly-grown-stress-induced gray hairs (again with zeus references)!  Or maybe I’ll get some super blessing someday for being spot on and not only will I get angel wings like everyone else when I get to heaven but I will have glittery ones. GLITTERY ANGEL WINGS.

OMG I am totally excited to rain down glitter on curmudgeons’ heads.


So if you dropped baby Jesus this Christmas, don’t fret (unless its a real baby playing Jesus then you may want to visit your friendly ER). God is laughing with you. Because let’s face it, its pretty hilarious.


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