How was your Christmas?



I had a fantastic Christmas. Presents and family with an emphasis on chill and no stress, it was better than I hoped. The kids seem to do great and (as of 75% of the way through when I am writing this) only one major meltdown. The baby also has had more color in his face than he has had in months for three days straight! Those two things alone makes it a great Christmas. I think I actually had moments where I was completely relaxed for the first time in I don’t know how long.

Enough about my Christmas though, I want to hear about your Christmas! Any unexpected miracles? Any new traditions? Any new traditions or recipes that didn’t pan out the way you wanted (usually a staple of all my holidays)?

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One thought on “How was your Christmas?

  1. Oooo let me see!! First we got our first adoption assistance payment on 12-18 which meant we could pay bills AND buy gifts!! Then Keegan shared his yuckiness and we spent the week sick. Tuesday the 24th Ashley J. Texted me asking when I’d be free she had a gift for me. Low and behold someone at church adopted us and we got gifts from a secret Santa. So for dinner on Christmas I attempted to make scalloped potatoes l, and ended up drying out the tri-tip. All in all it was good!

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