Sunday Reading

Sunday reading

I haven’t done one of these in a long time. I was feeling overly excited to be back to Sunday Reading posts and in an eclectic mood so, you get a wide variety of reading today.

Let’s begin…

Without Respite by Vivian Gornick @ The Nation – “When Primo Levi committed suicide in 1987, many thought that he’d killed himself because his wartime imprisonment in Auschwitz had at last made it impossible for him to go on living; many others (this writer among them) believed that if it hadn’t been for Auschwitz, Levi would have killed himself years earlier—that the war, in fact, had lengthened his life because the experience of the concentration camp gave him writing, and it was writing alone that controlled the life-threatening anxiety against which he had struggled from earliest youth.”

Goals Accidentally Deconstructed by The Nester @ (in) courage – “Instead of focusing on huge daunting tasks, sometimes I just like to be aware of how I’m making life more difficult for myself and making tweaks on the ground level. It’s surprising how those little things can often lead to bigger things.”

Comfort doesn’t create champions by Jon Acuff @ – “Next time you feel you are losing, next time you feel you are failing, next time everything feels difficult, see your circumstances for what they really are:

An invitation to become awesome.”

The Mythical Attack on Manhood by Nate Pyle @ “It is time for men to stop being so insecure of the feminine. We need to start embracing the feminine qualities that are not just for women, but are for human beings. This isn’t to say that we should eliminate any distinction between men and women. Quite the contrary. I believe women need to learn from men AND men need to learn from women.”

How To Tell You Work At A South African Public Hospital @ Whispers of a Barefoot Medical Student- “13. You have worked in a flooded ward.

14. You have heard of hospitals with air conditioning, but doubt their existence.

15. You see TB patients every day, no matter which department you work in…

… yet there are rarely N-95 masks available.”

And if you read one post from The Bad at Cleaning Blog this week, read:

5 Blogs you should be reading (other than mine)– “I love a good blog. They can be funny, informative, intelligent, inspiring, and a way to make new friends. Before Google shut down their reader, I was following hundreds of blogs, which became a logistical problem of finding the time and not going blind while reading them all. When I switched to Feedly, I started from scratch. Now am exploring new reads to build my blog following repertoire again. I kept some gems from before and found new favorites. There are many more than (just) five that are fantastic blogs on my Feedly account, but these I found to be unique that (maybe) not everyone is reading.  I wanted to share. Because sharing is caring…unless it’s herpes.”


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