Call for Guest Posts!

Hello friends!

So I adore regular posts on blogs. Something about the predictability, that every Friday will be Stuff I found on the internet day or end of the month is Letter to people who found my blog time, makes me happy.

Until recently, on Bad at Cleaning I had Monday Inspiration and Sunday Reading posts, which I want to get back to. They are not my most popular posts, but I personally love doing them, so I’m going to pretend you all are applauding and be like “YES! More links on Sundays!!!”

I’m going to try really, really, really, hard, okay?

But I also want to start something new. I noticed a unexpected theme with many of my blogs: Many start with “Why I….”

Why I try to stay positive, even when life sucks

Why I go to the alter

Why I don’t talk about politics

Why I still grieve

I don’t ask why

(Okay, that last one was close…it has ‘why’ and ‘I’ in the title. Close enough.)

Anyways, I write these posts because I want to share my motives, my beliefs, and my feelings in the most straight forward way possible. I love honesty. I love (nice) bluntness. It’s the only way to prevent (most) misunderstandings. By understanding why people do/act/say the things they do, we can learn from them. We can relate better. Can have more compassion. We may be inspired. We may still think that person is crazy and full of it, but at least we started a dialogue. By telling each other why, we can understand each other on a level that you can’t with just idle chit chat.

That all said, I am starting a regular opportunity for guest posts. The requirement? It be a “Why I…” post. It could be serious or funny (although you get extra figurative and not worth anything points for funny). It could be religious or not. It could be about work, kids, your hair, your cause, hospitals, dogs, or whatever. I just ask that you be straight forward in it. Don’t make it too long (this is a blog, not a book). And use spell check.

Why I

I would like to post every other Thursday a Why I guest post, but a lot of that will depend on how many submissions I get. So, that part is  really up to you fine folks.

Not to discourage but I reserve the right not to post every submission. Especially if your post is hateful, potentially harmful to a person or tree, or about pony’s.

To submit you can go to my Submit page (under the Blog tab).

To as questions, comment on this post or email me at

I can’t wait to see what you got!


3 thoughts on “Call for Guest Posts!

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  2. I remember when I found out Nuns were women. I was shocked! always thought they were Nuns like boys, girls and nuns. St Suzanne elementary school, Detroit, MI

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