Life update, boredom, then photos

Not much has been going on around here this week. Life has finally settled for the moment. We are back to days filled with laundry,  Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Netflix just added season 3- watch out!), time outs, and the constant struggle to stay awake. Sexy and exciting isn’t it? Makes ya want to run out there and have kids, huh?

I know. Don’t be jealous. It’s awesome.

That was sarcasm, but it actually kind of is. The calm is nice. We are all catching up on rest, both emotional and physical. I like being home with my kids without much else to do in terms of running to Kaiser every 30 seconds.

Big kid is getting used to little kid  now playing with toys (ALL toys EVER are apparently big one’s domain), so sibling squabbles are abound. Little one has massive teeth now, and so watch out or he will chew on you like a very cute rabid puppy.

I’m writing like crazy…well, when I can. I am working on some top secret (not really) projects and hoping to drum up some more posts for this fine blog here. I’m not doing as much reading as I should, even though I am in the middle of four fabulous books.

I don’t know.

I made potato’s tonight for dinner and they were pretty good.

Yeah, I got nothing.

Here are photos from this last week while I try to think of something interesting…

Thomas the Train Set with dinosaurs

Thomas the Train set NEEDED dragons (also known as dinosaurs to everyone who isn’t 3). Is it too early to show her Jurassic Park?

You are doing a freaking great job

I rocked Monday.

Daughter in doctors coat

The 3-year-old broke hearts by being a doctor at baby brother’s oncology appointment, because “doctors are nice to baby brother and they take care of baby brother.” The nice-ness left almost right after she took off the stethoscope and stole baby brother’s new toy.

Baby surrounded by toys and clothes

Hearts that Care (local nonprofit) gave baby boy a bunch of Christmas gifts at his latest oncology appointment. The phone cause three sibling squabbles so far. But at least he can wear pants with a tiger on his butt! (That wasn’t a sarcastic jab at the pants, I am actually super excited about the tiger cuteness.)

Fuzzy stuffed HUGE spider on a washing machine

Ya know what makes a day interesting? When your daughter decides to put the “scary” stuffed animals in her laundry basket.  Then you do laundry…going about your business all normal, mind off in never never land trying to figure out your next blog post, then you reach into the laundry basket without paying attention and grab this.

By the way, thanks Grandpa for that awesome gift of a stuffed (and horrifying) spider. Good luck getting placed in a decent nursing home in 30 years.

He is coming for you!! (photo of baby crawling)We have a crawler!!! It’s been slightly traumatizing to the older child that the younger one can now come get her toys. “LOOK, LOOK, LOOK AT WHAT HE IS DOING!!!!” is screamed a lot these days.

p.s. I made this during a conference call I was on. Because, ya know, that’s what you do. Plus the conference call was at 9pm and I was already in bed and in my PJ’s (don’t judge! I get up 2-12 times a night with one or both of the kids) and needed to make sure to stay awake.

I have nothing else interesting to say, so night ya’ll!!!


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