Sunday Reading: Random selection

Sunday reading


I haven’t had as much time to read this week so we only have three links today, but as always if you have any great articles you have come across please, please, please share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, or by emailing me at

On Making Marriage Work @ Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids- “The real problem with marriage is the fact that we let humans do it. It’s the same problem with parenting, really. And with the church. And with schools. And with government. And with family. As humans, we’re fallible, glorious, well-intentioned, messy creatures who create fallible, glorious, well-intentioned, messy systems and relationships, sometimes all at once.”

Can We Enjoy Good Art from Morally Questionable Artists? @ Relevant- “I don’t know what the exact right answer is here. But I do know that any theory of art appreciation worth its salt will not overlook the character of those involved in making the art. ”

My Arena @That Wife – ” It is her addition, that last part at the bottom, that changed everything for me. I am the gladiator in my own arena. If I want to share parts of my fight with the public, I am going to have unwanted observers jeering at me. Those people, and their feedback, do not matter to me. The only power I have over them is to deny them any power over me. “

If you could read one post from The Bad at Cleaning Blog this week, please read:

Side Note: I am so two days ago– “For over the last year I have been “doing life” via this blog. I appreciate everyone who has been reading this last year and even those who have joined in the last couple of days. I hope sharing my experiences made you smile at least once, and entertained you in at least one excruciating long line like at the DMV or something. Thank you for reading!”



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