In case you missed it…

I post a lot. A LOT. So in case you missed it, here is a quick wrap up of some of the articles I’ve posted in the last six months.

Just stuff about my life…

A slow death by good housekeeping

…One of them was Good Housekeeping. I have never seen this magazine except for in the gynecological office waiting room. Reluctantly, I opened it. This pink and orange design promising domestic godess tips of anti-aging, $6 fixes and an interview with *gasp* Katie Couric on the cover with it’s 50’s housewife-esque-before-women-could-vote title, was unleashed in my comfy reading chair while I downed a cherry soda (my version of a nightcap)…

I love therapy…and some stuff about depression

Today I woke up with what felt like a punch to my gut. For some reason the whole “my son has cancer” thing seemed like new news. I also have a cold so being tired and not feeling well don’t help. But you know what? Tomorrow may be better. It may not. But it really could be…

Santa Be Crazy

I survived Santa today. I almost wasn’t ready when I headed to the seemingly nice “Birthday party” but a caring friend warned me of the impending threat before hand. That is a true friend indeed.So I was ready when the long bearded old man in red walked in with his bag of “toys” or probably more like guns, knives, shiv, and flail, cause that’s how that old man rolls. He acts all nice and even has a catch phrase to make him seem loving but I am not fooled. I know the Ho Ho Ho we have been lead to believe is the sound of jolly is really a CIA brainwashing technique to get us to trust any man in a suit with his face covered (who we couldn’t identify later for sketch artists).

The worst and best summer ever

Even though I feel like I have been kicked in the gut every day this summer, I am a better person now than I was when I started. Even though I now have regular anxiety attacks, I have stronger faith than ever before. Even though I am one bad cup of coffee away from my insanity finally leaving me and I run down the street naked screaming the lyrics to NSYNC’s “Bye, bye, bye”, in ways I feel stronger than I ever have….

Lies that I used to believe: Asking for help means you can’t do something

But still my definition of need was off. When people asked me do I need help with something, I eventually figured out that they were not asking me if I needed them to do something for me that I could not do. Instead they want to know if they could help make my life easier, to get stuff done quicker, and to make it so I can be happier.

Why I don’t talk about politics

..Even engaging in a political conversation with a friend over coffee is choppy waters. The temptation is too high for me. What is the temptation? To be the worst Christian in the world, that’s what…

Faith and Insecurity

I am a very insecure person. Just ask my husband, pastor or therapist. But the of the (many) things I am insecure about is my faith. Weirdly its not the actual faith in God part. I have been solid in that since childhood.  I KNOW there is a God and that He is always with me. I may have ignored Him at times, but even in those moments I knew He existed. My insecurities really are around my expression of my faith. And here’s why…

My cleaning angel

But real tears, yes. I can’t tell you how much the help is a relief to me these days. Not that I am super busy at the moment, most of my obligations have been cut out of my life when Asher was diagnosed, but when life is kicking your ass, cleaning your kitchen floor is the last thing to happen.

Cancer, Cancer, Blech

Open letter: Things I wish you wouldn’t say to me about my son’s cancer

There are some things you have said lately that have hurt. They have made me angry or feel isolated. I know you don’t mean it. I know you usually mean to do the opposite, but it is what it is. I am writing to you to so you can know how to better support me, or at the very least not make me crazy.

Hugged by a stranger

…But before I start a million and one posts on all of that, I wanted to take a second, stop and appreciate something that happened to me yesterday. So here is how it went down…

I’m having a cancer is dumb day

Yesterday the doc said he will probably have to get another blood transfusion before his next round of chemo. No real surprise there. Most days the idea of the baby probably getting another blood transfusion isn’t a big deal. He needs it? Doesn’t cause him pain? Cool. Get it done.

Then there are days like today. Where it just makes me sad. It’s not even for sure happening yet. But yet, it’s hitting me weirdly hard.

Watch me go crazy

But it’s driving me nuts. Tomorrow we have a doctors appointment, so what did I do today? Cleaned my entire house, did all of our laundry, packed an overnight bag, and made a lunch to take with me. All over a 9:30am half hour doctors appointment. Just in case.

10 Ways you know you spend too much time in the hospital 

 3. The stuff you accidentally left in the pantry fridge is still there…because it was only last week.

4. You know all the meals they serve the patients…and have favorites.

5. You know which one is the good pudding.

6. You miss certain nurses and staff personnel when you are home and want to friend them on Facebook.

The cancer-fighting life

When Asher was diagnosed with cancer I knew it was bad, but I naively assumed it would just mean surgery to take out his eye and that would be it. But it’s not. Even after we started the chemo, I thought I had it figured out. I knew nothing.

I don’t ask why

Many people express to me that they do not understand why God would give my child cancer or not heal him in some miracle fashion. Others try to comfort me by telling me that even though we don’t know why, God is good, and He has a plan. But here is the thing…I don’t ask why.Why? Because it’s not going to change what is happening.

My child has cancer

Those words still sound weird. It sounds fake. Like when you say “the sky is purple” with a straight face…you can say it, you know what it means, but it’s almost absurd that it could never be real.


The magical power of sleep and a good man

My husband. My hero. Yesterday he worked a full day at his day-job, came home for an hour, then went to a pastoral class (for his ordination) for three hours, then came home to a screaming daughter and a very exhausted and just DONE wifey.

A really long post about nothing…but it has pictures

I originally wrote this post at 5:30 on Tuesday morning. It was slightly delayed by 24 hours for posting. You will see why below… Go here to buy this print. I am. The week has started. I am not pleased …

Surviving another “crisis” 

Well, my happy home from the hospital rejoicing ended pretty quickly. This morning it became apparent that Addison probably has croup. CROUP! Ya know that nasty, nasty thing that kids get that turn them into seals? Yeah, that.

The unexpected side of being a stay-at-home mom

I never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Why do that, when you could be a mom AND rule the world with your career?? You could do both, right?

The cereal aisle that broke my spirit

After a daily barrage of violent tantrums for I don’t know how long by my toddler I finally had enough. I’m DONE. She is being shipped to Mexico in the morning or maybe given away to a extended family member …

No More Perfect Jen

This week is No More Perfect Jen series, starting with COURAGE

Today is the start of No More Perfect Jen, a blog post series where I highlight my favorite parts from the awesometastic book’s No More Perfect Mom’s by Jill Savage. I am doing this series because…Well… I just have a lot I want to say about it…

Confidence vs. Pride

Distinguishing pride from confidence is not easy. Pride leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering… Okay, some of that was about using the force, but the point is: pride is bad and confidence good…

Marriage’s real purpose 

I always heard marriage was hard and takes work. Everyone knows that, right? Compromise, putting up with people’s junk, and sticking it out through times you may not like your spouse, that is the “work” in marriage. What I didn’t know is that “work” people speak of has a lot to do with yourself…

Friends don’t let friends be narcissists

Let me just start by saying I am a weirdo stalker. For many reasons, but one of them has been with one of my best friends. This woman is amazing, and probably a witch (maybe not because she is actually a Pastor). She has this insane ability to become best friends within 15 minutes of meeting someone. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Every time I am in awe…

Being an imperfect parent

…My imperfect self, being honest about my B+, is the best gift I could give my kids. They can see me not being perfect but still trying. So when they are not perfect, maybe instead of feeling judged or disappointed, they will not just to keep trying. They can see me embrace my B+ and not feel judged by it, just like I wouldn’t want them to feel judged by the fact that they are not perfect.

This is just a handful… Feel free to look around more and explore!


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